Meet 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 6 January 2023

Meet finds landline and call Meet Ahlawat from clinic. Fear monger searching for Meet and ask everybody where is the young lady. Ragini says she should be here. Fear monger point weapon at woman, she says she went to store room.
Meet Ahlawat see getting a call from landline number, he see his telephone and get back to. Meet hear psychological militant going into the store room, she move ward the landline off and remain a long way from it. Fear based oppressor gets out whatever are you doing here everybody is sitting tight for you there. Meet says do you have at least some idea what all arrengements it take for marriage, you were occupied with your companions. Boss strolls in and says to Number 3 this young lady is smart is she playing game with you in light of the fact that prior additionally she deceived us. Meet says I expressed yes for marriage still you don’t accept. Boss says in most recent 2 hours you attempt to deceive us double cross so how might we accept and you are now hitched aren’t you stressed over him. Meet remembers to save numerous life I need to say lie. Meet gets out whatever spouse I previously needed to leave him and in the wake of saying OK I’m feeling better and subsequent to seeing firearm in the hands I say you have power and I just need power. Boss says young lady is shrewd and overcome he value number 3 and says take her from now she is yours. Meet yells at him says wait.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Meet Ahlawat searching for secret entry to enter hospital.Meet says I’m bold this doesn’t mean I don’t have standards, solely after marriage you can do anything and marriage will be finished with all arrengements and pooja and presently I’m prepared to wed you so make sense of him something ask him don’t attempt to carry on like modest. Psychological oppressor quiet them down and request that everybody have something sweet on the occasion.

Meet 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Meet Ahlawat searching for sewer vent to enter emergency clinic, he stowing away from police, a constable ask him what are you doing here. Meet Ahlawat get’s scared.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 6 January 2023

Number 3 says to Meet you till now no young lady sat adjacent to me.

Police ask him what are you doing and what is in your sack show me. Meet Ahlawat says I’m simply a conveyance kid came to give medication. He request that he show what’s inside sack. Meet Ahlawat thinks I neglected to keep medication currently I’ll be caught.

Meet tell fear monger you are correct, every one of the young ladies could pass judgment on you all over she taunts him and commendation about him a ton. He says enough now.

Meet Ahlawat going to show his pack. An alcoholic man toss bottle infront of them. Police officer get’s redirected as a result of him and Meet Ahlawat get away from the circumstance. Meet open the manhole.

Ragini checks Meet out. Meet sign her to leave. Ragini leave there. Meet tells fear based oppressor I need to go to washroom. He says alright and call her female accomplice expresses go with her. The two of them leave. A woman draw out her phone.

Meet Ahlawat inside sewer vent attempting to explore towards medical clinic. Meet Ahlawat recollects his experience with Meet, how he griping about awful stench coming from sewer vent. He assemble his solidarity and push ahead subsequent to applying mask.

Meet inside washroom. Ragini holding up inside. Meet says it’s challenging to deceive them, I have some other arrangement we want faint them here is the medication keep with you. Ragini ask where did you get this. Meet says when I went to store room and I have thought when to give them. Psychological militant entryway. Ragini stow away. Psychological militant stroll to Meet and ask what is happening. Meet says I’m feeling terrible I’m regarding to get hitched however there isn’t anything sweet to have, atleast a ladoo will work. She says nothing remains to be eaten. Number 3 strolls in says she is correct no sweet, he request that she really look at in flask. Meet expresses out loud whatever on the off chance that it’s not accessible in flask, you I would have made ladoo uniquely from my hands. He says to Number 1 on the off chance that you didn’t get ladoo them bring every one of the fixings and request that couple of women make. She says OK I’ll do this for yourself and everybody leave washroom.

Meet Ahlawat battling to stroll inside manhole.

Ragini and four additional women making ladoo ina seprate room. Ragini blending medication in ladoo. Number 1 see her and focuses out.

Meet Ahlawat see snake and gets terrified of him.

Boss says giving ladoo to fear based oppressor with medication so everybody blacks out can be plan of Meet. Number 1 slaps her. Boss says I’ll torment and kill you. Meet Ahlawat says stand by I can shoot her. Boss says OK and request that he shoot. Meet Ahlawat focus on Meet’s stomach and shoot.

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