Meet 7 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 10 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Meet 7 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 10 february 2023

Meet perform beedae function and believes I’m going with you just to show you the genuine taste of vengeance. Everybody sobbing for Meet. Raj ask where is driver. Manmeet says I’ll take my better half with me don’t all of you stress over that and after all she will return not many days. Babita in shock. Manmeet persuade her and request that Meet sit with him in vehicle and says your new excursion is hanging tight for you.
Meet demonstration his vehicle. Meet expresses farewell to everybody and they leave.

Written Update Meet 7 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Meet and Manmeet in vehicle together. Manmeet believes I’m returned home mother so you can finish your pledge. Vehicle quit working. Manmeet says stand by you are lady atleast behave like one , stay here discreetly. Meet says this what you need, I ought to be sitting discreetly and in the event that I deny to make it happen, you will limit my options. Manmeet says lady of the hour’s work is to obey thete endlessly spouse work is to provide request to there wife and says you figure I will not have the option to tie your hand, he limit her options, present her ghoonghat, apply safety belt and request that she sit discreetly. Manmeet escape vehicle to really take a look at the motor. He get back and begin his vehicle, he sees Meet says ladies look wonderful when they are loaded up with shyness.Manmeet carry her to Sarkar’s castle. She attempt to loosen her hands. Manmeet expresses accompany me we should tell Sarkar we are together so it’s not possible for anyone to hurt you.
Narandra shooting shots. Everybody gets energized subsequent to seeing them together. Gunwanti and Imarti get her says where are you going Meet Hooda at last you are in confine. Manmeet take favoring from Sarkar. Sarkar says you have ended up being my child and commends him for his work. Manmeet tells Jasodha proceed to get your payback from her. Jasodha request that everybody make courses of action to invite new little girl in regulation and ask Mahandra to vall videographer. Videographer strolls in expresses I’m here. Jasodha give him guidelines how to record everything. He says I’ll make video as you need.
Jasodha really do welcome pooja for her, she choke out her with diya’s smoke. Jasodha says presently perceive how I’ll get payback from you for everything you did. Jasodha place a kalash with desert flora in it and request that she kick kalash and do grah pravesh. She attempt to oppose and say no. Gunwanti says you need to di as Jasodha ask and place her feet on cactus and afterward into thali loaded up with red crisp. Jasodha request that they present her. He leg draining gravely and crying. Jasodha sit adjacent to her says the same way I was in torment when Sarkar was captured by police yet presently I’m feeling significantly better in the wake of seeing you in torment, I can endure everything except can’t see any discourtesy against my significant other. Jasodha says this is simply starting, I’ll give you more torment and embarrassment then this. Jasodha make her wear laurel produced using grimy shoes. Jasodha says now service is complet.
Manmeet stroll to Meet push her expresses in view of you my mother couldn’t eat and my dad was slighted and request that she rub her nose infront of his mom. Manmeet ask Jasodha currently if it’s not too much trouble, have something I can’t see you over the top hungry, he request that Gunwanti bring nourishment for Jasodha. Manmeet ask her to standup. Gunwanti keep thali. Manmeet says your vow is complet, you won she lost presently kindly have food. Jasodha get’s energized and going to eat food.
Meet on her bicycle remaining external home. Everybody in shock subsequent to seeing her. Meet ridicules everybody and enter inside castle on her bicycle. Meet ganders at everybody and says this is called as passage. She pour lassi and offer it to Manmeet. He standing numb. Meet beverages it expresses out loud whatever family is this, you didn’t see face of your new girl in regulation. Manmeet eliminate dupatta and tracks down Shagun.

Meet 10 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Manmeet ridicule her previous connection and says now you are Meet Manmeet Sauguad. Meet says I don’t have faith in misrepresentation marriage. Manmeet says you in all honesty yet from today your terrible time will start.


Meet 7 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 10 february 2023


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