Meet 9 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 9 December 2022

Everyone praising commemoration. Meet see a woman in pink saree says this is unquestionably Neelam in light of the fact that shw is going towards Mandap.
Meet Ahlawat begin breathing quickly. Specialist checks him.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Meet, Smash and Hoshiyar strolls toward the woman, she ventures back and run away.Doctor give infusion to Meet Ahlawat.

Meet 5Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Three of them gets her. Meet says your game is over now give me that infusion and eliminate duppata.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 9 December 2022

Meet Ahlawat looses his breath.

Meet ask who are you who send you, I’m asking you something.

Nurse rush towards and let him know circumstance. Raj gets restless and run towards Meet. Meet ask what occur. Raj says nurture let me know Meet Ahlawat is taking his last scarcely any breath. Meet says we are getting outcome in our game Neelam is here, she should stroll towards the man of the hour, on the off chance that she is savvy I’m all the more then her don’t stress I’ll take infusion from her and assist with meeting Ahlawat.
Neelam thinks today you both got hitched and today I’ll seprate you separated in light of the fact that Meet Ahlawat must be mine. Neelam with infusion in her grasp remaining behind groom. Meet hold her hand from behind, everybody encompasses her. Hoshiyar yells stand by everybody and acquaint Lady and lucky man with Neelam, he says thanks to them for aiding them. Meet says jow give this infusion to me pleasantly. Neelam snicker at them and give her infusion and sign Thugs. Hardly any thugs stroll in with firearm and make everybody prisoner. Meet attempt to walk. Neelam says I told you not to challenge me presently I’m here infront of everybody and presently this is your test you need to save Ahlawat’s or Meet Ahlawat, you can give infusion to Meet Ahlawat or probably everybody will kill your entire family, it’s your decision. Meet says it’s enough Neelam, don’t do it I beseech you let them be. Nurture stroll down says Meet Ahlawat is serious. Neelam strolls to Meet says I’m not that terrible that I won’t allow you to meet him for last time. Neelam request that hooligan bring Meet Ahlawat infront of everybody. Nurture welcome Meet Ahlawat on wheel seat infront of everybody. Babita rush towards Neelam to hit her, she drive her away. Raj yells says you will pay for this Neelam. Neelam giggle says how cloudy circumstance is this I thought I’ll sneak in and offer him infusion and walk yet this is additionally fun, she says to Meet don’t sit around and conclude what you need. Raj says don’t pay attention to her give that infusion to Specialist so he can set up for antitoxin and don’t be terrified of her she can do nothing. Neelam says I asked you not to in the middle between she race to him and hit him with plate different time. Raj begin draining seriously and says to Meet don’t stand by listening to her you give infusion to specialist let her do what she needs. Meet stops Neelam hand says enough don’t make it happen. Neelam says so you have chosen, proceed to give infusion to Meet Ahlawat and save everybody. Meet conveying infusion in her grasp stroll towards Meet Ahlawat. Raj expresses out loud whatever are you thinking Meet. Meet strolls to Meet Ahlawat, she rapidly traps Neelam and put infusion on her neck.

Meet give poision to specialist says as somebody to get counteractant soon.
Neelam says to Meet you assume you won, this is your misconception that you can save him with cure accept me you will free your triumphant bet.
Specialist shares with everybody we were late in infusing counteractant patients bosy isn’t answering at all.

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