Meet 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 12 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Meet 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 12 february 2023

Meet, Raj, Babita and Representative together in Ahlawat manor. Representative enlightens Raj regarding the property, how safe it is from Sarkarpur and recommends him to get it. Raj says great. Meet recollects Meet Ahlawat’s fantasy and conciliatory sentiments to Meet Ahlawat.
Manmeet and Jasodha stroll in with Dhol. Manmeet begin playing Dhol and Jasodha goes along with him.
Manmeet ridicule Meet and strolls towards her. Raj in the middle between and says don’t attempt to approach. Manmeet says I can do nothing to you except for you fail to remember we are a couple. Babita says you played with us and I won’t allow you to get any near my little girl. Jasodha tells Babita let them talk they are a couple, they will figure it out. Manmeet requests that merchant leave. Manmeet says to Meet I thought you were solid and ridicules her. Jasodha requests that couple of individuals stroll in. Scarcely any women stroll in Ahlawat chateau. Manmeet says these were your laborers and you let them be, you know on account of your fantasy there life became heck, take a gander at your companion Chanda, her significant other abandoned her with his child now she is and you understand what will befall them in future, they will be dead and you will kick the bucket as well. Jasodha says in the event that you four need to live in Sarkarpur, say back to me ‘Hail Sarkar’ (sarkar ke jai ho!). Meet with tears in her eyes. Jasodha gives cash to Meet and says think about this as gift and don’t return to Sarkarpur once more. Jasodha request that everybody leave. Manmeet says you figured we will be frightened of you and tells her your significant other should think I kicked the bucket to save her and she can’t satisfy my fantasy. Manmeet yells it’s not your shortcoming ladies are powerless, he derides her and leaves. Meet runs outside.

Written Update Meet 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Meet strolling towards the sanctuary shoeless. She staggers and falls infront of God’s idol.Manmeet in his room ponders Meet he says I realize she will return to take papers. Shagun strolls to him says I got injured due to her yet at the same time I hushed up, we will get hitched tomorrow nevertheless you are pondering her, are you in adoration with Meet. Manmeet takes a gander at her.

Meet 12 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Meet crying shares with god I have an inquiry for you, let me know when you maintained that me should lose why did you make me so solid, I’m layered I will not have the option to battle any longer, explain to me for what reason aren’t you supporting me, show me your power. Meet says in the event that you can’t respond to me, neglect I’ll at any point return to you. Meet hear somebody giggling. A secretive woman applauding and snickering at her strolls towards her.

Meet 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 12 february 2023

Manmeet tells Shagun pay attention to me cautiously you know very well I love you. Shagun says in the event that you disdain her so much, for what reason would you like to bring her home. Manmeet says you know that it is so essential to satisfy Jasodha’s vow, Meet needs to expressions of remorse to her and when it’s done we both will get hitched. Sarkar thumps on entryway and request that Shagun leave.
Sarkar tells Manmeet we can’t confide in Meet, imagine a scenario where she intends to leave this town then how might we get payback from her?

Lady says to Meet this is first time I’m seeing somebody compromising God, you are scrutinizing God’s presence, she makes sense of that the issue is with people not with God, God simply directs us but rather it’s our choice, on which way to pick, you are wrongly blaming God, you ought to retaliate with the individual who made you cry. It gets turbulent and the lady vanish, in view of wind sindoor falls on Meet’s head. Meet in shock.

Everyone in Sarkar’s castle getting a charge out of. Mahendra requests that Manmeet shoot weapon. Jasodha tells Sarkar don’t stress Meet will return to Sarkar’s Castle. Manmeet shares with Jasodha don’t stress when she will request report we will ask her to beg.

Meet tells herself currently I’ll show Manmeet a thing or two and petitions God.

Sarkar says today we will celebrate in light of the fact that Manmeet and Shagun are getting hitched. Hardly any men stroll inside with Doli.
Jasodha ask who’s doli is this.
Meet inside doli says won’t all of you invite me.
Meet says you need to make me your significant other for one day currently I’ll show you how hazardous it will be for you.

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