Meet 9 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 9 January 2023

Terrorist pointing weapon at Meet and request that she hold your eyes down. Meet says uf you will shoot me then additionally they eill not go down. Boss says you are dead and says whoever will shoot her will be permitted to leave, approach. Nobody ventures forward. Chanda says they are attempting to unnerve us, Meet did a ton for our security, ponder her. Ragini says they are lying and attempting to redirect all of you, kindly don’t approach. Priya says police and government are there to help us. Everybody attempting to give firearm to regular folks to kill her yet no one acknowledge it. One of the psychological militant push Ragini forward. Boss request that Ragini shoot her and ask number 2 make video so everybody becomes acquainted with about her passing. Ragini terrified holding weapon, she discard and says I can’t shoot her. Boss focuses firearm at Meet.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Reporter outside medical clinic says we have a video of a young lady, how a young lady is attempting to save everybody from fear based oppressor yet at the same time we don’t have the foggiest idea about any data about her. Police see the video.Chief says I’ll count till from 10 till 1 and shoot you, he begin counting. Boss yells One. Meet beginning recollecting her experience with Meet Ahlawat how they love one another. Meet Ahlawat approach says I’ll shoot her. Meet see him figures the reason why did you come. Number 1 strolls to him says structure where did you come. Boss request to really look at him. Number 3 check him and see sindoor enclose his pocket. He ridicules him. Meet Ahlawat says I love my significant other a ton that is the reason I’m having her sindoor. Number 1 point firearm at him says we didn’t see you prior. Meet Ahlawat says when you enter the emergency clinic I concealed myself in cabinet and when I heard we can return home in the wake of killing somebody so I approached, so let me know who to shoot I’ll make it happen. Boss says OK I’ll give you opportunity and request that he shoot Meet. Meet Ahlawat request that he arm the weapon to shoot. He accomplished for him. Meet Ahlawat thinks how about I be sitting home when you are at serious risk. Meet figures how about you get it on the off chance that something happen to you, what. Meet Ahlawat says you were at serious risk so I came to help you and I’ll come back over and over at whatever point you are in harm’s way and I can’t survive without you., He get forward and murmur something in her ears. Boss expresses out loud whatever are you murmuring get back and shoot. Meet Ahlawat says I was startling her. Boss says truly do quick and shoot her. Everybody ask Meet Ahlawat not to shoot. Boss make everybody go calm and request that he shoot. Meet Ahlawat shoot and projectile hit the power board. Boss request that his individuals switch on light. They switch on and ask where is he. Meet Ahlawat plunking down terrified expresses I’m here. Psychological oppressor ridicule him. Boss request that number 3 take his firearm and says he can’t make it happen, we just need to shoot her. Meet Ahlawat expressions of remorse to him says kindly allow me last opportunity and ask infront of them. Boss says give him firearm and says I’m considering playing a game, he guve weapon to him and point other weapon at him says on the off chance that you didn’t shoot her I’ll shoot you, one passing is mandatory and game beginning at this point. Meet Ahlawat point his weapon at Meet and shoot. Meet fall on floor. Boss request that number 3 check is she alive. He check her breath says she is dead. Boss request that Meet Ahlawat pick her and leave.

Meet 9 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Meet Ahlawat strolling with Meet in her grasp. Get wake together and ask from where did you get blood parcel. He says I took from emergency clinic’s store room, however you did perfect as I told you. Meet says you instructed me well overall so what difference would it make. Endlessly meet Ahlawat go into a room lock from inside and embrace eachother.

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