Mere Sai 13 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Mere Sai Written Update 13 January 2023

At Dwarka Mai, everybody assisting Sai with cooking, Rehana sees Sai gathering Jagrey and salt into a single unit and says this will destroy the taste. Sai says anything given with affection is pleasant Rehana. She says okay.

Written Update Mere Sai Today Episode

Banta prepares, Sudha tells him, today your most memorable day in this fresh start, so I made you some kheer. Banta says wow Sudha, give some to St Nick too, I realize he hasn’t left the place of employment yet he is an excellent companion.
House proprietor strolls in with St Nick and undermines Banta to take off from the house and gives his cash back and says Kulkarni has leased this house now. Sudha says this is uncalled for atleast allow us a month. He says sorry Sudha just Kulkarni’s guidelines work here I am helpless.Banta requests that St Nick stop house proprietor and says how might he permit him to talk in this tone. St Nick says you know whether I will not consent to Kulkarni he will kill me. Banta says this is off-base. Proprietor says how could it be off-base, you used to do this without anyone else till yesterday. St Nick conciliatory sentiments to Sudha and says he has no guts to conflict with Kulkarni. Banta tells St Nick how might you do this to me. St Nick says very much as you did, you acted self centered and took choice for you thus I need to have an independent perspective
Sudha attempts to stop yet nobody pays attention to her. Sudha begins crying. Banta says I expected this from Kulkarni however not you Santa.

Mere Sai 13 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Banta says Sudha take this stuff and go to your home in the mean time I fill discover a spot to reside.
Banta goes begin requesting help yet everybody denies him help due to his past behaviour.

Mere Sai Latest Spoiler Alerts 13 January 2023

At Dwarka Mai, Sai serves everybody food. Rehana asks Sai what is the event. Sai expresses its to see the value in everybody, as all of you have been useful and kind yet on the off chance that you don’t help the general public doesn’t help you.
Banta upset wandering all over the place, he slips and tumbles down, individuals snicker at him and examine great this is going on the grounds that this is the manner by which he acted with them. Banta believes is this what I have acquired, just hatred.

Chiutai asks Sai, you add all that we as a whole bring and make this delightful Khichdi, what is the explanation. Sai says I will tell sometime however today I want to have Puri. Chiutai and Rehana says if yhey realized they would have made it for him. All ladies say even we would have it.

Sudha’s folks ask what’s up. Sudha listens to Banta’s voice and surges and finds him shrouded in mud. Banta statements of regret to her and lets him know how his past isn’t letting his present be protected. Sudha says it was past, however you have changed the present and future will change, till then, at that point, lets stay here. Banta says I will go meet Kulkarni, Sudha says don’t he will destroy our life more. Banta says I know him exceptionally, his inner self is harmed and I need to quiet him down.

Chiutai requests Sai what will he do from this leftover khichdi, Sai expresses its for birds and creatures. Chiutai asks and for you?
Sai tells her, I realize you got me Puri. Chiutai says nothing stows away from you. Sai expresses taking a gander at this yummy food my stomach is full, don’t feel terrible yet I can’t eat this.

Kulkarni in his home, snickering and says I am so blissful today, St Nick has tossed Banta out of house, it should be so sensational. St Nick stands calm. Kulkarni asks would you like to join Banta. St Nick says I won’t ever dump you. Kulkarni says I anticipated this from you. Kulkarni sees Banta stroll in, Kulkarni begins taunting him. Banta statements of regret to him, and says I would have rather not harmed you. Kulkarni says my plant accomplishes numerous unlawful work thus a legit man like you and his father by marriage shouldn’t work there, so I fire him. Banta falls in Kulkarni’s feet and beseeches him to save him.

Rambha strolls to Sai and Dwarka Mai and gets him various Puri’s. Sai says they look yumm yet he isn’t eager. Gradually all ladies get Puri and sabji for Sai.

Kulkarni kicks Banta away, Kulkarni says how might you venture to leave me, I won’t let you disappear with such ease, individuals will think a pointless man quit my place of employment and they will fear me less thus I won’t allow this to occur and I will choke you from all finishes and at this point you probably saw nobody will help you in this town and if somebody feels compelled to I won’t allow this to occur and soon I will trap you so terrible that your significant other will leave you and your life will be a damnation. Banta implores him to excuse him. Kulkarni blows up and says you have only one way.

Pre cap: Kulkarni requests that Banta accomplish one unlawful work for himself and afterward he is allowed to go.
Banta gets found out with a bag. Sai says Banta you expected to patch things however you proceeded to fall in a similar pit Sudha safeguarded you from.

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