Mere Sai 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 18 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Mere Sai 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 18 february 2023

Sai taking Bhiksha in n Shirdi, he hears a Maharaji sing kirtan. Parvati and Champa sees Sai and inquires as to for what reason are you remaining here, what are you thinking. Sai expresses in close by town Das Ganu is doing kirtan. Parvati says I wish even I could hear it, Sai says you can close your heart and tune in by your heart and you might hear. Parvati and Champa reflect and hear Das Ganu’s voice.

Written Update Mere Sai 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Das Ganu drones Sai’s name. Das Ganu says we will meet tomorrow same time for kirtan and before you leave assuming you have any inquiries in all actuality do tell me. A resident strolls to him and says I read Gita,I didn’t comprehend one shloka and describes. According to das Ganu, in this Shlokh its said about how body bites the dust yet soul doesn’t. Resident says you are so proficient. Das Ganu says Sai is the person who is proficient I simply attempt to follow. One resident says I don’t grasp this book, could you at any point make sense of. Das Ganu investigate and figures gracious God I don’t have the foggiest idea what would it be advisable for me I do now?Villager asks Father Ganu for what good reason does he look so lost, Das Ganu tells him, I’m not and do I seem as though somebody who doesn’t have the foggiest idea about this, on occasion a few inquiries need time for reply, tomorrow I will make sense of this appropriately. Everybody drones his name .
Das Ganu thinks by tomorrow how might I find the answer?

Mere Sai 18 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Sai following day sees Balwan Singh strolls to him out of frustration and says you have offended me I won’t extra you. Sai says the day you will stop this need of regard and pride, you will realize the reason why the previous thing happened to you. Balwan Singh I’m most grounded here and I’m pleased with it, what do you have?
Sai says I don’t think that you are solid, Balwan Singh says I realize you in all actuality do dark enchantment thus you’re not terrified of me. Sai says I have nothing to free thus I’m not frightened and I don’t think that you are solid. Balwan Singh expresses battle with me without utilizing your dark enchantment and afterward you will know strength. Sai says does simply battling demonstrate strength, lets do a thing, you like to eat right today I will cook for you, on the off chance that you can get done and show me. Balwan Singh accepts.

Mere Sai 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 18 february 2023

Dad Ganu starte perusing to book and attempt to find what it means and says for what reason am I not ready to break this and in the event that I don’t make sense of individuals will think I’m not educated.
Champa and Parvati begin helping Sai in cooking.

Das Ganu sees Vasudev Panditji and chooses to ask him, Das Ganu welcomes him and going to inquire as to whether he lets everybody know that I don’t have a clue about all will ridicule me. Das Ganu says I simply needed to ask is your child OK, Panditji says OK Sai had sent Udhi, Sai has answers for all the problems.

Das Ganu says for what reason am I not understanding, for what reason is it befuddling me to such an extent.
Kapil enlightens Sai concerning his sisters child shower, Sai requests that Kapil hand Udhi to Father Ganu in Rahta.
Balwan Singh and his men stroll in and ask is food prepared, Sai invites them. Balwan Singh says this is exceptionally less I want parcel of food. Sai says first completion this, since you can eat this the manner in which I say and really at that time I will concur you 3 are most grounded, you need to eat without bowing your elbows. Balwan Singh says that is very easy.

Balwan and his men begin to have food, Sai says you need to eat without twisting elbows, they all make a respectable attempt however unfit as well. Balwan Singh blows up and says how can this be, Sai says it’s very eays and picks a chomp and feeds Balwan Singh and says look it’s simple and conceivable, you three could take care of one another and finish the food yet this thought didn’t actually occurred to you since you is filled of pride. Balwan Singh lashes out and says how does this judge my solidarity. Sai says strength begins with cerebrums yet power has over fueled your reasoning and in such case power misfortunes and its not difficult to be shrewd, what is troublesome is being caring thus utilize your influence for others prosperity and God helps the people who helps others.

Balwan Singh asks Sai how might I get freed for pride, Sai says there are some strong, brilliant, proficient, wonderful then us and some time or another somebody won’t over come us thus ever be glad for what you have, rather use it for others good.

Pre cap: Das Ganu visits Sai to get some information about the book, Patil and others stroll in. Sai tells them Das Ganu was going to ask me something. Patil says that is decent even we will discover some new information.
Udhav asks Sai for what valid reason is Das Ganu acting so strange. Sai says Das Ganu will find his response yet first he needs to move past something.

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