Mere Sai 26 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Mere Sai Written Update 26 November 2022

Santa Banta educate Bhumi concerning the opposition and its difficult to win there and soon Shiv will pass on from sluggishness and appetite. Bhumi races to Shiv, she sees Shiv cycling. Bhumi attempts to converse with Shiv and says by Sai’s gifts we will track down a way however Shiv doesn’t tune in and continues to cycle. Vaishali, Divakar and Geetabai show up at ghe area. Bhumi sees Sai and hurries to Sai. Bhuki requests that Sai converse with Shiv. Sai says Bhumi, Shiv isn’t doing anything wrong. Geetabai says this is unimaginable and in the event that he doesn’t work how might we pay, you if it’s not too much trouble, converse with him. Sai says Bhumi did you at any point figure you and Shiv would proceed as craftsman, Bhumi says no. Sai says this is the verification that Shiv and Bhumi can do anything, Bhumi says he in all actuality does try and converse with me, Sai says he is vexed on the grounds that he adores you and both of you have consistently battled together and presently is again the day when you need to help Shiv in his way and with your help he can do anything and my gifts are with you two.

Written Update Mere Sai Today Episode

Bhumi strolls to Shiv and says I realize you are disturbed however I won’t leave you and continues to stroll with Shiv. Coordinators says now we need to stand by and watch will Shiv win this competition.Day 2 shows up and Shiv continues to cycle and Bhumi strolls with him. Day 3, Shiv gets drained yet continues cycling and Bhumi continues to walk as well. Day 4 shows up and coordinator gets strained in the event that Shiv wins Kulkarni won’t extra him. Bhumi hurries to get water for Shiv, Shiv doesn’t have it and continues to cycle.
Vaishali stops Bhumi and gives Shiv water, he takes it. Bhumi begins crying and thinks this isn’t fair.

Mere Sai Today’s Episode Online

Bhumi actually continues to hang tight for Shiv and gets nourishment for him, Shiv at last lets her feed him food. St Nick Banta send men to hit Shiv, Bhumi stops Santa Clause Banta and says I won’t allow you to contact my better half, they push her and go towards Shiv, Bhumi drones Sai’s name. Sai describing Ramayan.
Bhumi sees Kulkarni’s men unfit to arrive at Shiv, Bhumi grins at Shiv and says thanks to Sai.

Mere Sai Latest Spoiler Alerts 26 November 2022

Kulkarni on fifth day hits Ramdas(organiser) and says assuming that Shiv wins I will kill you, since you let his family feed him water and food. Ramdas said I’m unfortunately I need to do this so that individuals can take part and even you sent men even they couldn’t stop him, this is supernatural occurrence. Kulkarni says shutup and gives Ramdas a thought. Ramdas says this is unreasonable, Kulkarni expresses do as I say or, in all likelihood I will kill you.

Ramdas goes to contest and says the opposition is for 6 days, Bhumi says its composed 5 days. Ramdas says Shiv had no cash thus he concurred for 6 days, Bhumi tells Shiv, Shiv denies. Ramdas calls Shiv impaired and says he didn’t comprehend not my issue he will get cash when he cycles for 6 days.

Pre cap: Ramdas declares Day 6 and says seems to be Shiv will pass on today. Bhumi asks Sai to help, Sai says I can’t help Shiv.

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