Mere Sai 27 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Mere Sai Written Update 27 December 2022

Santa asks Banta for what valid reason is he so blissful. Banta tells him, Kulkarni and his family will be away, so before he comes we will acquaint Sudha with counterfeit individual as she never had seen Kulkarni, Kulkarni had given me 500 I just burned through 1₹ where is remaining. St Nick says I have forgotten where I conceal it, I will return when I recollect where I conceal it.
Banta says I have a thought, accompany me.

Written Update Mere Sai Today Episode

Sai strolls to the man un agony and sees his hands and asks do your hands torment a great deal. He says OK they don’t work yet continue to agony and this has been for a really long time. Sai applies debris on his hand and his aggravation goes away.Santa gets changed and St Nick Banta go to a halwai to persuade him to act. They go close to him and begin talking, St Nick says I will give you something that will make you rich over night. Halwai asks St Nick what will compel him reach. St Nick says for what reason would it be advisable for me I tell you. Halwai expresses come in, have some sweets.

Mere Sai 22Nd December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Halwai gives them Jalebi and says we know one another since long, let me know it. St Nick shows him an ostensible stone and calls it Paras stone and says I will rub this copper ring it will change to gold. St Nick stunts Halwai and he gets bulldozed. Halwai requests charges from the stone. St Nick says 100₹.

Mere Sai Latest Spoiler Alerts 27 December 2022

The man tells Sai, his aggravation is gone however the hands are not practical, mightn’t he at any point get his hands back. Sai says no one but God can help you, in the event that you have done confuse and not paid with its ramifications you wont push forward and if you have any desire to chip away at it come visit me in Shirdi.

Halwai says he doesn’t have 100₹ just 50₹. St Nick says alright take it for 50₹ we can do this for you as we have eaten such a great amount from you. Halwai says both of you never offer rebate in anything and presently straight half is there any stunt. St Nick drops copper ring accidentally. Halwai picks it. St Nick Banta take off.
Banta reproves St Nick for being flighty and says now you will go about as Kulkarni Sarkar and leaves.

Chandu gives a few covers from Patil at Dixit Vada, he sees Radha taking care of Mangal, Halwa and he cherishes it. Radha says this spread is for you. Mangal says aunt I can’t eat this. Radha says you should have not eaten anything so have this.
Chandu thinks she is so cherishing and caring.

Shila Bai takes care of Kushal and says sorry I was unable to get you yummy things. Kushal says I adored chutney and bhakri. Udhav sees Shila penance her bhakri for Kushal and says just a mother can do this.
Kushal and Mangal both hack and Shila and Radha give them water.

Radha ponders Kushal and says will that woman deal with Kushal as I do. Mangal says don’t stress my Aai will deal with Kushal. Shila tells Kushal she is certain that both are her children.
Radha says I can’t remain without Kushal I will meet Sai.
Shila Bai tells Kushal, she needs her children and chooses to meet Sai.

Santa and Banta find the cash and they have designated an entertainer to happen of Kulkarni. Entertainer tells St Nick Banta in the event that Kulkarni finds this he won’t extra us. St Nick says you are a craftsman and specialists ought not be scared.

Sudha strolls in with her mom. St Nick and Banta invite them and make them sit. Banta calls Kulkarni out.

Radha lets Shila Bai know that in view of you I’m away from my kid, God knows how you have brought my child up in neediness. Shila Bai says don’t cross your lines, you have taken my child, both beginning contending.
Udhav calls Sai. Sai strolls to them and requests that they quiet down. Sai says both of you don’t have the foggiest idea who the genuine mother is thus now the children will find their genuine mother, in the mean time have this Prasad and requests that they supplicate and tomorrow God will tell us who genuine mother is.

Pre cap: Sudha tells Kulkarni (entertainer) that her mom has parcel of torment in her right leg. Banta sees Kulkarni stroll in.
Shila Bai lets Sai know that she can’t lose Mangal also. Sai shares with her imagine a scenario in which you are the genuine mother, remember you get your thought process so think positively.

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