Mere Sai 29 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Mere Sai Written Update 29 November 2022

Vaishali tells Shiv, Bhumi set aside cash to purchase cycle for you, she purchased this cycle and I have verification look the seller Deenanath is here and she didn’t tell you since you were disturbed, Bhumi sees Shiv is halting and says don’t stop and asks Ramdas how long is left. Ramdas says 5 min more. Bhumi hurries to Shiv and says we simply need to do this for 5 min. Ramdas figures I can’t battle this genuineness, I surrender. Bhumi continues to cheer Shiv. Sai with everybody and expresses take a gander at him and see nobody is less and everybody has their capacities. Ramdas starts commencement and declares Shiv winner.

Written Update Mere Sai Today Episode

Divakar assists Shiv with standing. Ramdas says Shiv has made a record and figures how might I pay Shiv now. Ramdas tells Shiv he doesn’t have cash and makes sense of the trick and says I’m at legitimate fault for what I have done and Shiv and Bhumi’s genuineness have transformed me, I simply have 500₹. Kulkarni strolls in and says I realized this Ramdas is a trickster and presently Shiv give me my duty you simply have 5 min left or, in all likelihood the house is mine.
Bhumi says however you allowed us 10 days time. Kulkarni says I didn’t do you have any confirmation. Kulkarni requests that St Nick Banta remove their house.One man from crowd says I might want to contribute 10₹ for Shiv and Bhumi, Gradually everybody begins contributing for Shiv and Bhumi. Ramdas counts and says this is 1000₹ now and hands cash to Shiv. Kulkarni says now Shiv give me my cash. Sai says reconsider Kulkarni this is somewhat ridiculous, its unlawful and such cash doesn’t remain long. Kulkarni says don’t show me and requests that St Nick take money.

Mere Sai Today’s Episode Online

Shiv counts cash and hands to Santa Clause yet St Nick encounters a shock and drops cash and says my hand consumed. Kulkarni asks how can this be the case. Kulkarni says you are so idiotic, Banta go pick. Banta attempts and he consumes his hand as well. Kulkarni says this is Sai’s dark wizardry. Sai says I’m not doing anything this is someones hard brought in cash go take it on the off chance that you need. Kulkarni says I don’t need this cash and leaves.

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Sai says Bhumi take your well deserved cash. Sai favors Shiv and Bhumi. Geetabai tells Bhumi, for what reason didn’t you share your concerns. Bhumi says I would have rather not annoyed you. Ramdas says Sai, seeing Bhumi and Shiv’s genuineness I have taken in my example, I’m stopping this and will return cash of individuals I scammed.

Sai says Shiv you won today might you want to say something. Shiv expressions of remorse to Bhumi. Bhumi says don’t this isn’t needed. Shiv says without Bhumi, Shiv is fragmented. Sai says generally recollect this and everybody should a couple truly do have issues however in the event that you impart well, you can over come all difficulties.

Sai makes sense of, self image, desire and outrage can destroy your relationship and when you wed you choose and vow to share joy and sorrows.

A man and his garndson Subhash while heading to Shirdi. Subhash says its so beautiful, I’m sorry Dadji I failed to remember you can’t see. Dadaji says don’t be miserable let me know what a you see, Subhash portrays the situation and says I want to see this. Dadaji says I simply need to see you once, I had supplicated a ton to have a grandson however before I see you I lost vision. Subhash says don’t stress we are visiting Sai and as you said he will help us and give your vision back.

Srikant and his child carry Srikants spouse to Sai as she has accute stomach hurt.
Dadaji asks Subhash for water. Subhash says water is finished, driver says there will be well soon I will stop truck there.

Sai asks Srikant and his child what is the issue. His child says Aai is in torment and doesn’t listen.

Pre cap: Sai clarifies for Srikant and his family how avarice and pride can destroy things.
Subhash attempts to compensate for his misstep by giving cash, A man shares with Subhash you have part of pride due to your riches and soon you will be in issue since, supposing that this attitude.

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