Mere Sai 3 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Mere Sai Written Update 3 December 2022

Kamal carries s his harmed father Deva to Sai and tells he is confronting tjis wounds previous years qnd no specialist can fix it and he can’t walk as expected or sit, he can’t work as well. Sai applies his debris to Deva’s leg and requests that he attempt to stroll without the help of his stick and his child. Deva battles to stand yet keeos attempting lastly attempts to walk. Deva strolls with no help and his leg is impeccably fine.

Written Update Mere Sai Today Episode

Santa strolls to Subhash and requests address. Subhash says I’m new here I don’t have a clue about any location. St Nick says you don’t look new kindly don’t lie I truly need your assistance. Banta gradually takes cash from Subhash’s pocket. St Nick leaves Subhash and leaves. St Nick Banta see they have parcel of money.Deva embraces his child and says look Kamal my leg is fine. Amarpal hears this and is exceptionally blissful. Deva says today I realize the reason why individuals consider you God’s holy messenger and I really want another blessing, my child is going through part of difficulty and I would never teach him, favor us so he can discover some work. Sai says my favors are with you yet Kamal needs to really buckle down all alone. Kamal says I’m prepared to work however to learn something we really want some cash atleast yet I don’t have any, if it’s not too much trouble, show us some way. Sai says Amarpal will show you way. Amarpal says I’m visually impaired how might I, Sai says accept it as some old association and soon you will learn what.

Mere Sai Today’s Episode Online

Sai calls Tatya and requests that Tatya make plans for Deva and Kamal at his home. Tatya says sure. Sai requests that Kamal drop his dad and come back.

Mere Sai Latest Spoiler Alerts 3 December 2022

Lotus merchant meets his Jijaji and tells he was late in light of the fact that he met an exceptionally crude kid and tells his involvement in Subhash and afterward gives Prasad. Subhash searching for 5₹ and gives 100 as a trade off however gets no assistance and says this town is so poor.

At Dwarka Mai, Sai accumulates wood and says somebody will require it today, Kamal strolls to Sai and says Baba is blissful at Tatya’s place, what would it be a good idea for me I do straightaway. Sai says Amarpal you had horse truck business right? Amarpal says OK I use to make it with my own hands and afterward it went to plant however after I lost my sight I needed to close everything. Sai says will you make one currently, show Kamal how to make truck, it will be very helpful.

Subhash says I wish I hadn’t given the lotus merchant cash, assuming I see him again I will ask him for my cash back.

Amarpal asks Sai does he truly figure he can show somebody without sight, in the event that Kamal commits error how might I find it and it tends to be dangerous as well. Sai says human free expectation prior to attempting, I’m with you and Kamal is prepared to try sincerely and a carefully prepared specialist like you can do anything and might be Subhash gets 5₹ and you get your vision back and perceive how Kamal has performed. Amarpal says Sai I had such a lot of trust in myself prior and today your discussion caused me to understand my value and presently I’m certain Kamal will be generally excellent skilled worker. Kamal says now I know whats my way. Sai says you both haven’t figured anything yet.
Amarpal says we don’t have supplies, Sai says whn you believe that should accomplish something God send help.

Sai shows Kamal types of gear and wood. Kamal extremely cheerful, Sai requests that they start their work and passes on to gather Bhiksha.
Kamal aske Amarpal where to begin from, Amarpal requests that he cut wood.

Subhash actually searching for 5₹, he sees a rich man and races to him and says I really want 5₹ I will offer 100₹ as a trade off, Rich man says sorry I gave anything I had. Sai passing by takes a gander at Subhash and picks a leaf and goes it to cash, and blows it and it falls close to Subhash. Subhas says wow 1₹ let me pick it and afterward I will require simply 4₹, Subhash attempts to pick yet cash continues to move away as a result of wind and falls in feet of lotus seller, he sees Subhash.

Pre cap: Subhash offers him bargain, Lotus merchant says I don’t really accept that you, they get into contention.
Subhash strolls to Amarpal and says for first time I acquired 1₹
He requests that Subhash give it to Sai. Subhash says Sai, here is 1₹ could you at any point fix my granddad now. Sai says you actually owe me 4₹.

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