Mere Sai 3 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Mere Sai Written Update 3 January 2023

Sai tells Banta, in the event that you start with lie how long will this stay and what when truth emerges. Banta says I’m doing this for my affection and after marriage all will be well and everything is fair enamored and war. Sai encourages Banta to come clean with Sudha and expressions of remorse and be the individual she truly likes and afterward he will know the genuine force of love.

Written Update Mere Sai Today Episode

Mangesh chooses to persuade his Devki for food as he is exceptionally eager and starts going about as though he will swoon. Devki says stand by I will get you food. Devki serves him khichdi. Mangesh eats rapidly. Mangesh figures Sai won’t give him food tomorrow too thus overeats.Banta giggles at Sai and says I won’t ever tell her reality and most certainly get hitched tomorrow and might you venture to attempt to stop me it won’t be great. Sai says you ought to stress over outcomes and not me, Sai leaves.

Mere Sai 3 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Mangesh tells Devki he is full and languid and nods off. Sai strolls in and asks Devki did Mangesh eat anything, Devki lies says no he didn’t.

Mere Sai Latest Spoiler Alerts 3 January 2023

In sanctuary outside Shirdi, Banta and Sudha to get hitched. Sudha inquires as to why outside Shirdi. Banta lies says this is their kuldaivat and says he has given a ton for this event.
Panditji requests that they join for the rituals.

Mangesh in torment in Dwarka Mai, Sai strolls in, Devki races to Sai and requests that Sai help him, and says he is in a lot of torment, Sai says I attempted yet both of you would rather not help me. Devki says I believe that he should improve. Sai asks then for what reason did you give him Khichdi.
Sai analyzes Mangesh, he contacts his stomach and Mangesh goes regurgitation and he feels much improved. Sai gives him medication. Mangesh feels improved and says I’m totally fine my stomach and migraine is no more. Sai says its temporary.

Banta and Sudha get hitched. Rani and Gulabrao favor them. Banta feels that he wedded the young lady he cherished and presently all that will be fine.

Sai lets Mangesh know that he is eager for food and eats carelessly and that is the thing is influencing his wellbeing, he is so frantic about food that he constrained his mom to give food and over eating has caused him these medical conditions. Mangesh says he has perceived his slip-up and will be aware of his propensities. Sai says he is blissful Mangesh perceived the issue and expectations others realize this reality too that lying won’t help them.

Banta and Sudha show up in Shirdi, Banta shares with Sudha lets rapidly return home before somebody sees us as I don’t need anybody’s antagonism. Banta sees Kulkarni and gets frightened and approaches Sudha and takes cover behind a tree and goes about as though he is revering the tree, Kulkarni leaves. Sudha befuddled and asks what’s going on. Banta deceives Sudha that this tree qas established by his mom as was taking favors and requests that Sudha take endowments too.

Sudha sees not many poor and says lets give desserts to them, Banta says we have next to no desserts, I need to give them legitimate feast and covers. Sudha says that is pleasant of you, give me desserts let me disperse and spread bliss. Sudha says all laddoos are over only one is remaining, for what reason are you conveying this crate. St Nick says so we can utilize it later.
Sai strolls to them and says its vital to give with thoughtfulness and not with aims, any gift with benevolence helps.

Kulkarni recollects its 27 and says I need to do Abhishek in Khandoba Mandir lets go.

Sudha welcomes Sai and says I was unable to meet you again whats your name. Sai expresses everybody here calls me Sai and in the event that God needs we will meet. Sudha lets him know that she needed to circulate desserts yet only one is left and requests that Sai have it. Sai says offer it to God and God will take care of. Sudha goes inside the sanctuary.
Banta asks Sai what he needs, Sai says I’m exhorting you again to tell the turth and not ruin his present and future, Sai asks Banta how might we follow with every one of the falsehoods and measure up to Sudha’s assumptions as it’s better in the event that he turns into the man he lied or probably he will be in a difficult situation.
Yet again sudha strolls to them, Sai says disperse different desserts, Sudha says everything is done, Sai says check, Sudha sees laddoo and is very happy.

Pre cap: Sai favors Sudha and says may God invigorate you battle every one of the issues.
Banta’s home proprietor comes requesting rent.

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