Mere Sai 30 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Mere Sai Written Update 30 December 2022

Hungry man going around wilderness. Varsha and her better half Rishi in wilderness see him and remember him as Gopal Das. Rishi says Fakhir Baba was discussing him, we ought to take him to Shirdi.

Written Update Mere Sai Today Episode

Sudha asks her dad how was his most memorable day, and inquires as to for what reason does he look ao stressed. He lets them know he is terminated from plant, how might we endure now. Banta strolls in with St Nick. Banta asks whats wrong you look stressed.
Sudha says great you came, Baba is terminated from plant, could you at any point assist me as you with knowing Kulkarni. Banta says sure, I will help Gulabrao. St Nick thinks for what reason is he promising this, its challenging to finish. Banta says you don’t stress return to work from tomorrow. Rani Bai, says I wish to have a child like you, Banta says I’m your child. Gulabrao says we wish to find a man very much like you. Sudha becomes flushed. Banta says she will see as one and might be he is close to you or you have previously found him and tomorrow my Guruji is coming and he predicts exact future truly do come and he will assist you with tracking down right counterpart for Sudha.
Rani Bai says we will definitely come.Santa shares with Banta the number of falsehoods you that will tell. Banta says I will deal with the gig and Guruji, on the grounds that I terminated him and presently I will choose him in the future, I had paid the new selection representative to fire him and name Gulabrao once more and presently we need to track down Guruji.

Mere Sai 26Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Malchapati asks Sai what actually, everybody is sitting tight for it. Sai picks a stick with throns eliminates 2 thistles. Sai gives moms thistles and says I really want blood drops of both young men and this is a trial of both of you moms and just a genuine mother can do this. Shila Bai says how might I hurt my own children. Parvati says OK how could a mother do this. Sai says Shila will prick Kushal and Radha will prick Mangal and we will find who the genuine mother is.

Mere Sai Latest Spoiler Alerts 30 December 2022

Varsha and Rishi show up in Shirdi, they are given Dwarka Mai’s location and they continue to Dwarka Mai with Gopal Das.

Radha and Shila strained, stroll to kids. Radha going to prick Mangal, Shila stops her and says these aren’t my children, I had taken the children yet kindly don’t hurt them. Brijesh says I knew it she is a cheat. Sai says even Radha didn’t prick. Radha says I will. Sai stops her and asks Shila when did she really lie. Shila says I have no great reason can’t hurt the children. Radha says I can effectively get my children. Sai says then you’re not the mother Radha, Shila is their mom on the grounds that no mother can see her children get hurt.

Keshav says yet Sai no body knew reality, Sai says Radha didn’t be aware till yesterday however yesterday she found reality and Shila knew nothing and on the grounds that she was frightened she lied and didn’t have any desire to hurt kids, Radha on other hand knew reality, she accepts Kushal as child thus won’t hurt him yet doesn’t have love towards Mangal as was prepared to prick him so she doesn’t lose Kushal, come clean Radha.

Radha begins crying. Brijesh says OK actually they aren’t our children and I realized this yet didn’t have any desire to lose my child thus stayed silent and I realized you would step through Radha’s examination and she shouldn’t flop so I came clean with her. Shila assk Brijesh for what reason did they take her youngster. Brijesh says we didn’t take we were given this child. Shila says didn’t you consider the outcomes or attempt to find who does the youngster have a place as well and Sai is this not a wrongdoing, they ought to be rebuffed and shipped off prison.
Sai says we simply know the misleading statement, here is the full truth.

Rishi, Varsha and Gopal Das stroll in, Shila races to Gopal Das and asks where were you, Shila says he isy spouse, what has befallen him. Rishi says this is my shortcoming. Sai says Rishi let everybody know what has happened in light of the fact that this will help many lives here.
Sai gets a pot of water.

Pre cap: Shila requests Sai what kind from test is this, I foundy som yet he takes another person as his mom no one but you can help.
Banta lets St Nick know that today Sudha’s folks will give her hand to me

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