Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 15 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Update 15 December 2022

The Episode begins with Dev and Vidhi invest energy with Ruhi. Vidhi makes Ruhi rest on her lap. She advises Dev that she really wants to converse with him. Dev says even I need to talk. She makes Ruhi rest and emerges with Dev. They sit on the seat. Vidhi lets Dev know that it is Dhruv star overhead, lady and husband to be see it while accepting rounds as it is steady beginning. They start their marriage seeing it, with the goal that steadiness comes in their day to day existence. She says she feels bliss and soundness when he is around her and says I used to believe in the event that I can see Dhruv star with you in moonlight night. Urmila comes there with Brilliant and says there will be impact this time, says the land will be pulled away from your feet. Brilliant contemplates Arjun’s commitment. Vidhi says I had asked you something. Dev gets up and says yet. Vidhi says might be in the event that I sit and hold their hands, they could concur. Dev says they won’t concur and the general public will likewise not concur. Vidhi says they will attempt. Dev requests that she comprehend that she is of half age as him, and says you can’t demolish your life.

Written Update Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Today Episode

He says see today, Rishabh was discussing my age and you made me dance and have cheap food. He says you was attempting to demonstrate that age doesn’t make any difference. He says he would rather not demonstrate anything to anybody. He inquires as to whether she will tell everybody everyday that everything is good to go in their relationship. He says you will become pessimistic with individuals’ insults that you will lament for not wedding the person of your age.Urmila tells that her girl couldn’t tell, as she really focuses on your feelings and family’s regard. She reviles about Vidhi. Urmila says we will tell, in the event that we don’t tell and on the off chance that they come to be aware from outside. Brilliant gets out whatever do you imagine that Vidhi is straightforward and honest. She says Vidhi is taking part in an extramarital entanglements with Dev Sir. Hariprasad and Bimla are shocked.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 10Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Dev advises Vidhi that he needs to consent to her seeing her fantasies, however at that point he gets terrified as he can’t see her miserable and can’t grab her bliss. Vidhi says she needed to disprove Rishabh and can’t hear such things about you, I love you and this is my reality. She says I’m heartbroken and I was off-base, I needn’t bother with any authentication or approvals, she would rather not demonstrate their connection to anybody. Dev says we will leave now. He says I will drop you. Vidhi says I will go without anyone else, I need to head off to some place else. Urmila inquires as to whether she saw what her girl has done. She lets Hariprasad know that he tells that he is glad for her. Hariprasad requests that they hush up. Brilliant says she heard Vidhi telling this to Arjun. She says she was quiet because of Arjun’s commitment. Vidhi figures she will take the start and tell everything to her Dad. Urmila says Brilliant told this as there was tattle happening in the workplace. She says Dev Sir treat her extraordinarily and takes Vidhi’s name generally. Hariprasad asks them not to make issue from nothing. Urmila reminds that Dev broke his commitment and halted Vidhi’s commitment as well. She asks Hariprasad for what valid reason Vidhi’s hands were stirring up when she was approached to turn into Dev’s sister. She says Vidhi didn’t move from her place. She inquires as to why Dev Saheb took her wrongdoing on his head in court.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Latest Spoiler Alerts 15 December 2022

Dev gets fretful and thinks why he is stressed for Vidhi, legal dispute is finished. Hariprasad says I won’t hear against our Vidhi. He asks bimla assuming she will deceive us, I trust her. Bimla asked Vidhi for what valid reason is she cheerful since Dev’ s commitment broke, reviews Vidhi going to office in new garments. Urmila says your Vidhi is extremely astute and says Dev ji has broken our trust as well. She says on the off chance that my words don’t work out as expected then I will end up being your slave. Hariprasad requests that she be quiet and asks don’t all of you feel embarrassed. Urmila’s better half says we will make her comprehend, before the matter stretches, individuals will knock against us. He inquires as to whether you come to be familiar with Brilliant, then will you not tell me. Hariprasad says my girl emerged from court and you are accusing her. He requests that they leave and shows trust on Vidhi. Vidhi comes there and holds Chacha ji, as Hariprasad pushes her. Urmila requests that Hariprasad ask Vidhi now itself. She requests that Vidhi tell the truth.

Precap: Hariprasad takes her to Milapni Devi and requests that she tell that she isn’t engaging in extramarital relations with Dev. Vidhi swears on him and says I love Dev Sir. Everybody is shocked.

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