Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 2 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Update 2 february 2023

The Episode begins with Satyavati let Hariprasad know that everybody will be fine, during the gathering of two families. Bimla asks what we will give you in shagun. Satyavati says you can give what you need, yet she is our badi bahu so I will give her 51 sarees and 5 sets. Mausi ji calls Priya close to her and requests that she sit. She says I heard that your jethani is exceptionally specific about computations and says she could get some information about the estimations. She says your mother by marriage and Abhimanyu slips for himself and incites her against Dev. She says she could keep you on the house. Priya requests that she converse with Mummy ji. Mausi ji requests that she help herself.

Written Update Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Today Episode

Hariprasad requests that Pandit ji do the puja so everything is great. Pandit ji says cards are printed and inquires as to whether he matched the kundalis. Hariprasad says no. Pandit ji says on the off chance that kundalis are coordinated, we will be aware assuming there is any dosh. Hariprasad says their hearts have met, so there is no need of matching kundalis. Satyavati rubs Mausi ji’s feet. Mausi ji asks where is the marriage occurring? Satyavati says at Milapni Devi sanctuary in her home. Mausi ji lashes out on Satyavati for leaning toward Dev and getting him hitched against Chitra and Priya’s desires. She says Abhi is honest, not to figure out anything. Satyavati says I saw, that you didn’t wish Dev. She says she will deal with Priya and Chitra.Yogesh and Kanika come to Dev’s room. Kanika gives him gift for his marriage and tells that she has contemplated his marriage and realizes that their connection is extremely hallowed. She says she is exceptionally glad to see him settling down with Vidhi. Dev says thanks to her. Kanika embraces him.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 2 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Urmila purchases saree worth 5000 while Urmila purchases saree for 1500 Rs. Vidhi hears them. Urmila requests that Vidhi sit and gifts her two garments, saying she will do her shagun. Vidhi embraces her. Pramod lets Hariprasad know that they will purchase desserts from kalumal’s shop. Seema tells that they will win in the sangeet. Brilliant comes there and hits the dance floor with Seema. Mahi ve melody plays… .Brilliant calls Urmila. Urmila hits the dance floor with Brilliant. Mahi ve melody. Urmila covers the dupatta on Vidhi’s head.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Latest Spoiler Alerts 2 february 2023

Abhi tells Priya that Vidhi isn’t like you are saying. Vidhi says my remaining in the house will change after she comes here. Satyavati asks what are you talking about, we need to go to Chitra’s home. Priya says Dev and Vidhi will be power couple after marriage and I will be situated in the corner, or will be tossed out like a trash. Satyavati says from where you got such contemplations. Abhi says assuming that she needs, she can leave. Mausi ji says somebody asks her, what is her concern? Dev says on the off chance that Priya has a few uncertainties, we will hear her. He requests that she determine what is her apprehension and why? Priya says you attempted to understand what I need, and says I need security being the bahu of this house. She says I’m the Raichand’s main beneficiary’s significant other, yet there isn’t anything on paper for me. She says on the off chance that something occurs in future, what I will get. She says property may be similarly separated to Abhi, Chitra and you. She says I’m profoundly taught and would have procured lakhs of rs, yet I was not permitted to develop the profession. She says Vidhi is youthful and I will be substandard compared to her, so why I will not feel the frailties. She says Mummy ji wouldn’t give me cash and afterward parcel didn’t occur. She says my better half requested that I leave, any place I need to. She says Chitra can’t come here, because of Vidhi, when I’m little girl in law of this house. She says you had given my privileges to Vidhi in office, presently she is turning into the bahu of the house, so things will change without a doubt. She says I won’t ask cash from Vidhi, I won’t allow that to occur. Satyavati asks what are you talking about? Mausi ji gets out whatever off-base she is saying, this house is on your step child’s name, assuming that they toss them out. Dev tells that Mausi ji said why this house is on my name, and says might be she doesn’t have a clue about that among our property, organization or confidential property, just this house is on my name.

Precap: Satyavati and Abhi give the card to Amba. Amba tosses the card and requests that Chitra proceed to recollect that it is only one way. She asks her to either consume the card or depart from here. Chitra gets shocked.

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