Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 21 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Update 21 December 2022

Priest illuminates to Vidhi that he will not do pooja in her home any longer. They will not get any bliss later on. Since Vidhi is remaining in that house. Neighbor says that something happened yesterday in their home. Hariprasad got respiratory failure in that contention. Vidhi asks the cleric what’s he meant?

Written Update Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Today Episode

The minister says that she fail to remember her place and had illicit relationship with an in her individual dad age. She did a wrongdoing. Neighbor says that Vidhi did it for cash. She heard Bimla and Urmila are yelling in their home. She never expected Vidhi will stoop this low. The cleric embarrasses Vidhi and says that Hariprasad paying for her deeds. He doesn’t have the foggiest idea how sin Hariprasad brought forth such little girl. Vidhi asks him for what reason he is rebuffing her dad for her mix-up. The cleric will not listen her and leaves.Vidhi goes into her home and recalled the past. She shuts the entryway. In the interim, Dev petitions God for Hariprasad’s recuperation. He says that Hariprasad needs to recover as quickly as possible. Try not to rebuff him for their slip-ups. Afterward, Urmila asks Pramod did he find Vidhi anyplace? He tells her that she isn’t outside. Urmila says that Vidhi broke Dev’s commitment and Dev break Vidhi’s commitment too.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 16Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Hariprasad is in Ventilator now. Pramod says that it’s ICU not ventilator. In the mean time, Vidhi ease up the diyas in the sanctuary and do the pooja. Neighbors gets together with her in that pooja. She gives Prasad to them yet they keeps away from her. Vidhi feels hurt to see it. After everybody leaves from that point. Vidhi tells god that she did a little error. She cherished Dev. Everybody thinking about it as a wrongdoing. Due to her Hariprasad was in this state.

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She supplicates god to save her dad. She sobs hysterically contemplating her dad’s state. She shares with god that she didn’t do a transgression. Cherishing Dev isn’t a transgression like others saying. However, she will not eat anything until her dad recover. Bimla gets back to home. Vidhi gets some information about Hariprasad’s condition. She says that she did the pooja in the house.

She didn’t disrupt the norms. Neighbor compasses to home. They asks Bimla about Hariprasad’s condition? She says that cleric caused a situation outside. She adds that they used to listen arathi sound regular. However, today they couldn’t hear it. Cleric won’t do pooja in their home. They embarrasses Vidhi infront of Bimla. Bimla apologize to them for their misstep. Neighbor says that their girl left her hand it appears. They leaves from that point. Vidhi begs Bimla to listen her once. She will not listen her.

Meanwhile, Kanika illuminates Dev that she came to the medical clinic. She will deal with everything. Dev requests that she update what is going on to him. Priya pays attention to it. She gets some information about his ailment? Dev says that he is improving. He needs to go there to really take a look at him. Priya says that he was a half matured individual. It’s too risky age. Dev requests that she quit pushing around the hedge. Sathyavathi requests her to open up what’s she needs to say. Priya says that she would rather not conceal a single thing from him. Doesn’t he romancing a young lady who is in his girl age. Vidhi begs Bimla to listen her yet she stays away from her. Priya says that Dev doesn’t have disgrace to do like that.

Sathyavathi break the commitment for that Vidhi. She is rehashing her previous here. Priya says that Vidhi is a youngster he shouldn’t do like that to her. He needs to be her tutor as opposed to romancing with her. As a result of him Hariprasad was in ICU. Sathyavathi requests that she give regard to Dev. She says that he isn’t acting as per his age. He will not permit a youthful one in his office yet he was prepared to acknowledge a more youthful in his life. He has no disgrace by any means. He is defying every one of the norms in his day to day existence. She begs him to stop this romance.

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