Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 26 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Update 26 December 2022

The Episode begins with Vidhi giving tea to Chacha ji. She says Father could do without any adjustment of his room and tells about his inclination. She inquires as to whether I will change. Chacha ji grins. Vidhi sets Hariprasad’s room as he prefers. Chacha ji keeps his hand on her head. Dev lets Satyavati know that he will go to office. Satyavati asks how is Vidhi’s Dad? Dev says I came to realize that he will be released today. Satyavati inquires as to whether she will take a quick trip and see him. Dev says not presently, I will ask Vidhi and tell you. Satyavati says alright. Chacha ji tells Urmila that Vidhi knows even the littlest things about Bhai Saheb’s decisions and says their Brilliant will be like her. Urmila says Bhai saheb is in this condition due to her and you are commending her. Hariprasad returns home from emergency clinic. Individuals begins blabbering about Vidhi. Hariprasad comes inside the house and goes to Milapni Devi. He says sanctuary is great. Bimla says I didn’t enrich the sanctuary, I was in the clinic with you. Vidhi lets Hariprasad know that she has surrendered and won’t get out of the house without his authorization. She says I won’t meet or converse with Dev Sir, I guarantee. Hariprasad tells that he and his significant other Bimla will spend their lives to deal with Milapni Devi sanctuary and they have no one. He says my last rituals will be finished by my more youthful sibling Pramod. He says two sharmas stay in this house, Hariprasad and Bimla Sharma and no other person. Vidhi cries.

Written Update Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Today Episode

Hariprasad comes to his room and sees it designed like he needs. He thinks about Vidhi’s words that she cherishes Dev Sir. He asks Pramod who has contacted my stuff. He expresses every one of the things are kept inappropriately. He says my significant other and I will remain as we can. A fb is shown, Hariprasad valuing Vidhi for beautifying his room and telling that she knows well about his inclination. Vidhi says I neglected to keep Dayanand Saraswati book. Hariprasad says no issue, I will rest without understanding it. fb closes. Hariprasad sits on the bed. Bimla inquires as to whether he will drink tea. Kalumal says no and tells that Hariprasad is going through a similar stage as me, and says Vidhi did likewise botch as my girl Suman. He requests that he retain his outrage and watch out for her, in the event that she cuts her veins, or beverages poison? He asks him not to feel terrible and lets that the person know whom Suman used to adore was hitched, however Dev is unhitched male. He says assuming that he makes Vidhi ran off and requests that they take care.The media is holding up external Dev’s office and the group are saying the mottos pummeling Dev. Dev calls Vidhi. Vidhi figures how to pick the call, Maa and Father will get stressed. Everybody watches news. Abhimanyu says this is opponent’s doings. Satyavati says this is somebody’s trick. Priya grins and calls Amba. The media tells that Dev Raichand ‘s name is connected to his representative and he is having unlawful connection with little kid, around 50% of his age. Amba, Chitra and Vikram watch the news as well. Amba grins. Dev comes to the workplace and requests that Media pay attention to him. A hooligan tosses ink all over, darkening his face. Vidhi, Hariprasad and Bimla watch the news too.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 21St December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

All the workers check out at Dev from inside. The columnist tells that individuals are irate because of his illegal connection with the little kid. Amba messages Priya assuming she has done this, she told her plainly that Vidhi is their objective. Dev jumps on his seat and inquires as to whether you are finished with the show, then say how am I looking? Columnist requests that he say. Dev requests that they come to his office to find solutions. Priya says assuming Bhai Saheb has failed to remember that quietness is best.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Latest Spoiler Alerts 26 December 2022

Dev eliminates his suit and goes to the gathering room. The columnist barrages inquiry to him and pose for support. Dev gets out anything I feel for that young lady is sacrosanct, I love her with all the honesty.

precap: Bimla tells Hariprasad that Dev got himself offended and kept their regard. Satyavati proposes Dev and Vidhi’s marriage. Hariprasad turns down her proposal.

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