Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 26 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Update 26 November 2022

The Episode begins with Amba let Vidhi know that she could never have figured in her fantasy that her words will work out which she said erroneously. A fb is shown, Vidhi calling Amba as Mrs. Raichand. fb closes. Amba says I’m extremely cheerful, we will join together, first commitment and marriage. Vidhi requests that she be blissful. She says she understands what she needs to do, why she needs to deprecate her and separate her. She requests that she center around her bliss as opposed to attempting to break her. Amba says all failures say this. Vidhi says OK, however somebody additionally say who gets something which is past triumph and rout. She says she has admitted her sentiments to Dev, yet he didn’t tell her anything. She says she didn’t win or lose, as there is nothing similar to that in affection. She requests that she select great lehenga for herself and goes inside her house.

Written Update Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Today Episode

Priya comes to the feasting table and asks Dev not to eat any slick food, as he will fit in originator Sherwani. Abhimanyu says she is correct and tells that he conversed with the planner for his Sherwani. Satyavati requests that he let know if he would rather not wed. Dev says there is nothing similar to that, however he could do without creator garments. Satyavati expresses Dev to share what is in his heart. Dev says nothing is there. Satyavati requests to talk about his thoughts with Vidhi. Dev gets out whatever is her association? Satyavati gets some information about your commitment. Dev says she came to be aware from office. Satyavati says she could have felt awful as she came to be aware from others.Anaya tells Vidhi that Kanika called her. Dev calls Vidhi and requests that she compose a letter on the scratch pad. Vidhi says she has meeting with kanika. Dev says I will converse with Kanika. He says I, Dev Raichand needs to tell you by and by and with heart, whatever occurred… I needed to say, however I was unable to say as you have right to be aware, yet couldn’t tell because of private matters. He says there are numerous constraits and that is the reason I was in problem and took cruel choice. He says the news contacted you wrongly and for that, I need to apologize. Vidhi asks this letter is for whom? Dev says as a matter of fact. Anaya comes there and tells that Vidhi needs to go to meeting with Kanika. He thinks once in a while words, in some cases time don’t uphold. The title tune plays… ..

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Today’s Episode Online

Priya values Amba for her endeavors to get Dev. Amba says I can do anything for Dev. Satyavati says you are here? Amba calls her maa and requests that she accompany her. She says she will become adarsh bahu and spouse, and got tips from Chitra moreover. Satyavati inquires as to why you came here to kitchen? Amba says I will realize what is in cooler and kitchen. Satyavati says she isn’t yet hitched. Amba opens the ice chest. Priya says Maa ji needs cunning bahu like you, and says very productive. She says she will gain from her. Amba says she has one work to do now. Brilliant takes the rangoli’s pic made by Vidhi. She asks how would you make it happen, thought you are miserable because of work pressure. Urmila shows the improvement to Vikram and Chitra. He says why Amy Mausi is getting connected here. Chitra says it is Amba’s choice. Hariprasad checks out at the plan and likes it. Vidhi gets up and Amba’s name gets cleared a gnawed off of the haveli. hariprasad requests that she amend it. He inquires as to whether this is God’s sign. Vidhi thinks whatever is occurring is with God’s wish.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Latest Spoiler Alerts 26 November 2022

Precap: Dev comes to Hariprasad’s home for his commitment. vidhi requests that he tell his sentiments and says she is silly to think, what is in her? Dev looks on.

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