Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 27 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Update 27 December 2022

The Episode begins with Dev let the media know that their inquiries are not questions, yet allegations, however he will attempt to genuinely respond to them. He says you said that I am reckless. He says it is Media’s work to show both the viewpoint to individuals and let individuals conclude what is good and bad. He inquires as to whether this isn’t flightiness. He says that young lady and her family stay in the public eye as well. He says your bazaar was happening outside the medical clinic, yet did you ask how was that man inside the medical clinic. He says you individuals are childish. The journalist says you are redirecting from the subject. Dev says I will respond to you and says I need to tell everybody, that anything I feel for that young lady is holy, unadulterated, clean, there is no soil or cheat in it. He says I love her with all my trustworthiness. Satyavati and Abhimanyu grins watching on television. Vidhi and her family also watch it. Dev says I regard her and her loved ones. He says there isn’t anything unlawful about their affection and says the two of them are grown-ups, yet she is a lot more youthful than him. He says she is so great and developed, and he will be pleased on the off chance that she turns into his soul mate. He says I was reluctant to uncover my sentiments because of you, as I didn’t have the foggiest idea what her family and her will hear because of all of you. He says I was correct. He requests that they give a protection to him. Amba blows up. Chitra says Amy mausi. The columnist inquires as to whether you will wed her, as you are boasting. Dev says OK, I will wed her. Vidhi and her family watch the news. Satyavati and Abhi gets cheerful. Dev says I will wed her, in the event that her family supports. Urmila says white facial hair darling is compromising us. Dev says I need to give her adoration, needs to consume my time on earth with her, bring her joy and regard as she merits it. Other columnist asks when the marriage will occur. Dev says we have not discussed marriage because of the media and society, and we need to confront it, presently you are asking when we can wed. He says we can wed at whenever as per the regulations and it’s not possible for anyone to stop us. He says regarding age distinction, we both are grown-ups and it’s not possible for anyone to stop us. He expresses out loud whatever you said about her, that she is avaricious of my cash. He says we had gone out to have food, yet she paid the cash and didn’t allow me to give money.

Written Update Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Today Episode

He says you called me womanizer and tells that the two of them are single and didn’t break anybody’s home. He says it isn’t that way, I left my better half or she has left her significant other for me. He expresses on account of individuals like you, lives get obliterated. Other correspondent inquires as to why Amba Mehta is applying sindoor of your name, when you have broken commitment with her. Amba says everybody is seeing my adoration with the exception of you. Urmila says he has filled sindoor in her maang and demolished her life. Abhimanyu inquires as to whether Amba fills Dev’s name sindoor in her maang. Dev asks them not to drag one more lady in their matter. He says we will not discuss it, when she hasn’t arrived. He says when you are constraining me, I will tell you. He says might be she applies sindoor of my name, and has admitted her adoration to me with genuineness, and I said with trustworthiness that I don’t cherish her, I see her as companion, part of family and regard her yet don’t adore her. He says we had talked, persuaded and continued on. He asks them not to scratch Amba’s injuries. Satyavati says Dev did well. Abhimanyu thinks today is Bhai’s day. Priya gets stressed for Amba’s response. The correspondent inquires as to whether it is regard that you discarded the ring and went. Dev inquires as to whether other columnist cherishes her. The correspondent says no. Dev requests that they show the right point of view to the general public assuming they are turning out badly. He says in the event that you don’t feel terrible then I will switch the make around given by you, as my Maa won’t really approve of it. Chitra says Vikram… Vikram tells Amba that Dev doesn’t cherish you, forget him.Urmila says white facial hair sweetheart left Amba for little kid Vidhi. They leave. Dev returns home. Abhimanyu embraces him and says you have won. Satyavati values him. Dev says today I came to realize that an outrage can demolish a young lady’s life for forever.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 22Nd December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bimla lets Hariprasad know that strength is required when somebody is darkening your face, and this strength doesn’t come from boldness yet comes from honesty and trustworthiness. She says he got himself offended and kept our regard atleast. Dev says he was ready for media questions and needs to let her folks know that he didn’t utilize her girl, yet regards her. Bimla says on the off chance that he was not matured, then their girl wouldn’t have such a person even in the wake of keeping 16 Mondays quick. She says now no one will spaeak sick about Vidhi. Dev says Vidhi is a decent young lady and nothing will happen to her regard. Satyavati says you are a decent individual and your Daddy would have felt glad for you. Abhi acclaims Dev. Satyavati says I will proceed to meet Hariprasad about your union. Dev asks her not to go there, and says he is furious at the present time. Satyavati says ok.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Latest Spoiler Alerts 27 December 2022

Amba comes to the dressing table after shower, and reviews Dev’s words. She brushes her hair. Chitra comes there and requests that she have espresso. She asks would you say you are fine? Amba takes sindoor, when Vikram comes and tosses the bottle.

Precap: Satyavati proposes Dev and Vidhi’s marriage. Hariprasad tells her that Vidhi won’t wed for insatiability like you. Dev comes to Hariprasad’s home and stands out.

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