Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 3 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Update 3 December 2022

The Episode begins with Vidhi telling Brilliant that she will meet her in the workplace. Brilliant asks Bimla for what good reason Vidhi is blissful. She says truth is that… Bimla requests that she eat and not to make stories. She believes assuming Vidhi is truly content with Dev’s commitment dropping. Dev comes to the workplace and hears the gatekeeper discussing him. Rishabh and Anaya are discussing Dev and inquires as to whether she knows whether Dev loves somebody. Dev comes there and says good day. Vidhi says great morning Sir. Dev says great morning vidhi. Vidhi says I need to let you know something, and tells that he generally upheld them. She inquires as to whether you are familiar Meghna, who is in London Branch now and tells that when she was separating, you didn’t let her matter tattle by anybody. She says you have made Namit perceived. She says we as a whole are with you and won’t pass judgment on you or won’t examine your confidential matter, as we support each other in Raichand bunch and don’t blather. Everybody applauds. Dev thanks everybody and Vidhi. He says all of you made me close to home. Sangeeta says you are a decent individual, in the event that we neglect, Vidhi will remind us. Dev gets a call and goes. All at once Abhimanyu holds Vidhi’s hand and removes her from that point. He faults her for the happenings. Vidhi says no Sir. Abhimanyu says you said that Bhai concurred for commitment. Vidhi says no. Abhimanyu says Bhai rejected for commitment when Maa asked him. Vidhi tells that there was network issue, and Dev Sir was with her and she answered to him, and not to Abhi. She lets him know that even you realize that Dev Sir would rather not wed Amba. Abhimanyu apologizes and tells that Bhai had concurred for Chitra, Maa was correct that he was forfeiting for us.

Written Update Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Today Episode

Yogesh tells Kanika that Arjun informed that he is fine and asked them not to stress. He tells that Arjun is by all accounts stressed for Dev and requests that they deal with him, and that he is with him. kanika says there is something off-base and she will find out.Priya tells Abhimanyu, what Chitra may be going through in her sasural. Abhimanyu calls Chitra. Chitra flies off the handle at Abhi and tells that in the event that they are not finished subsequent to getting her family offended. She says she isn’t obstructing their telephone, as she regards their relations. Satyavati gets upset.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Today’s Episode Online

Vidhi comes to Dev and show respect to him. Dev asks what’s going on here? He requests that she sit. Vidhi says Abhimanyu told that he consented to wed for Chitra, and tells that she feels glad to have adored him. dev checks her out. Vikram lets Chitra know that specialist fears that Maasi will have mental meltdown. He vents out his displeasure at her, and asks her not to have any relations with Raichands.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Latest Spoiler Alerts 3 December 2022

Dev says it appears I’m not a terrible individual, and lets everything know anything that she had let him know that day. Vidhi says no Sir, and swears on him. Na umar ki seema ho plays… .Vidhi says I will leave Sir. Dev says everybody is stressed around me, when I see you grinning, I feel serene. Vidhi says very soon Milapni Maa will convince you to grin and all will be great. She says I will leave now. She leaves smiling.

Chitra lets Amba know that she is furious with her family like her, and apologizes to her for her family’s sake. She says kindly excuse all of us. Satyavati comes there and inquires as to why you are saying ‘sorry’ She says I did nothing off-base, as I did this for my family’s advancement. Chitra says pounding somebody’s sentiments is a wrongdoing and inquires as to for what reason did you come here? Satyavati asks her not to fail to remember that she is her mom and says she is seeing her fits of rage since certain days. Amba answers that she saw her insight, when she requested that her child cancel the commitment. Amba says no one would have been cheerful in this marriage. Amba says your child is certainly not a little milk taking care of kid. She says you have come here to talk this babble? She says I have done tapasya since 20 years, to get him. She says I’m his suhaagan since 20 years and shows sindoor in her maang. Chitra and Satyavati are shocked.

Precap: Vidhi is blissful. Bimla asks Vidhi for what good reason she is so much blissful since Dev’s commitment is canceled. Satyavati tells Dev that Amba has applied sindoor of his name. She says why Chitra couldn’t see that Amba is a poisonous lady. She says I went to made her comprehend. Dev says you don’t have any acquaintance with her, I know her since numerous years, she can go to any length.

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