Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 5 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Update 5 December 2022

The Episode begins with Amba let Satyavati know that she is Dev’s significant other since 20 years and asks who are you to break my commitment with him. Satyavati asks Chitra what is she talking about? She inquires as to whether she is in her faculties and says she is in unfortunate mix-up. Amba requests that she move back. Satyavati requests that Chitra show her to specialist. Amba says Dev is mine and who you are to tell me, that I will continue on throughout everyday life. Satyavati says thank god, I halted the commitment brilliantly, and tells that she had come to realize that Dev loves another person, else his life would have destroyed with you. Chitra and Amba are stunned. Chitra requests that Satyavati stop it. Amba takes the blade in her grasp. Satyavati asks Amba not to make any radical stride. Chitra says this is my home and I don’t believe that anybody should affront my Amy Mausi. Satyavati says atleast now you can see that she is insane. She leaves.

Written Update Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Today Episode

Vidhi returns home joyfully and tells that she has brought kachori for them. Bimla asks Vidhi, why she is blissful since Dev’s commitment bankrupt and asks what anybody will suppose if see. Vidhi says for what reason will I get content with Dev sir’s commitment dropping. She says she took the nourishment for Balghar kids and that is the reason brought for them also.Amba reviews Vidhi’s words. She reviews her minutes with Dev. Chitra asks Amba to avoid anything and tells that she will converse with Dev and will persuade him. Amba reviews Vidhi and Satyavati’s words.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Today’s Episode Online

Vidhi educates Bimla that individuals were making stories regarding Dev sir and was seeing him with inquiries to them, so I remembered to be typical. She says there isn’t anything. Bimla tells that Kanika ji is coming. Kanika comes there. They welcome her.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Latest Spoiler Alerts 5 December 2022

Satyavati tells Dev that Amba was insane and has applied sindoor of your name. She says she was shocked, and couldn’t grasp her. Dev says it is Chitra’s home as well. Satyavati says Chitra would rather not comprehend and got out of hand with me as though I’m nothing to her, and her sasural is everything. She says for what reason don’t she comprehend that Amba is a poisonous lady. Dev says I know Amba since numerous years and she can go to any degree. Satyavati tells that at whatever point she reviews Amba’s frenzy, she is appreciative that she didn’t allow him to get drawn in to her. She says Amba needs specialist. Priya hears them. Amba slits her wrist and drops the blade from her hand. Chitra yells. Amba blacks out and tumbles down. Chitra yells Vikram and requests that Workers call him. She takes her to emergency clinic. Vikram considers Chitra and tells that he won’t leave her loved ones. He says get your family far from me and Maasi, and Dev Raichand will not be close to Maasi. Chitra takes Amba inside the clinic and requests that Specialist save her.

Bimla says we know nothing and says for what reason did he go abruptly, even I am stressed at this point. Hariprasad says we will ask Vidhi. Vidhi comes there. Kanika asks Vidhi on the off chance that Arjun told for what reason he went to London. Vidhi says he didn’t answer to my messages.

Priya calls Chitra. Chitra picks the call and makes proper acquaintance Bhabhi. Priya inquires as to why you are crying and requests that she determine what was the deal? Chitra tells that Amy Mausi has slit her wrist, she is in city emergency clinic. Kanika gets Yogesh’s call who tells that Amba endeavored self destruction. Kanika tells this to Hariprasad and others. Priya illuminates Dev and Satyavati about Amba’s self destruction endeavor. Abhimanyu and Dev come to emergency clinic. Chitra yells at them and requests that they leave. Dev requests that she tune in. Chitra faults him and requests that he go. She calls Police and security and says toss them out. Abhi asks Chitra not to converse with Dev Bhai like this. Dev is stunned. Abhi asks Specialist how is she? Specialist says they are orchestrating blood for her.

Hariprasad, Bimla and Vidhi appeal to God for Amba’s life. Hariprasad requests that Vidhi accompany him to see Amba, and tells that she has helped out on them by saving their home. Vidhi would rather not go and tells that it isn’t all set without call. Hariprasad says we will return, on the off chance that we are not permitted to meet her. Abhimanyu solaces Chitra. Vikram comes there and chides Chitra, inquiring as to whether she is dumb or hard of hearing, says I advised you to get your family far from us. He asks how challenge you to come here, Mr. Dev Raichand. Dev says we will talk, we are family. Vikram requests that he shut up and holds his hand to push him. Chitra says he will go similarly as he came. Vikram says Maasi needs to bite the dust on account of your sibling. Chitra says everybody is hearing and requests that he leave Dev’s hand. Vikram lifts his hand to slap Chitra. Dev holds his hand. Abhimanyu says this is a lot of vikram. Dev blows up on Vikram. Chitra inquires as to for what reason did you come, and faults him for abusing her significant other. He says my better half didn’t manipulated anybody like you, and requests that he leave. Vikram says on the off chance that anything happens to my Maasi, see how I will manage you.

Precap: Satyavati requests that Dev converse with Vidhi about marriage. He says he can’t wed Vidhi. Satyavati calls Vidhi and requests that she meet her. Later Vidhi demands to make bittergourd’s strip curry astounding Bimla.

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