Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 8 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Update 8 December 2022

The Episode begins with Dev asking Satyavati what has been going on with her. Satyavati says she crashed into the wall and got injury. Dev inquires as to for what reason would you say you are lying? Satyavati reviews Vikram’s words that he will get back at Chitra. Dev requests that she tell. Satyavati doesn’t say anything. Dev says I’m your step child, yet your child as it were. He gives her swear requesting that she tell. Vidhi returns home and is anxious. Bimla asks what has been going on with your cheeks. Vidhi says the entryway hit all over. Bimla checks and tells that she is having fever, and it comes because of stress. Dev gets irate and asks how dare Vikram? Satyavati says she don’t believe that Chitra should see Vikram’s different symbol. Bimla requests that Vidhi let know if there is something in her heart. Vidhi says I needed to say something. Dev says Vikram can’t be saved, he got into mischief with my Maa, sister and my … Satyavati asks what? Dev says with my Vidhi. Satyavati grins. Vidhi lets Bimla know that she cherishes… .Bimla gets stunned and leaves her hand. Vidhi says I love you and Father. Bimla says you terrified me. Satyavati says my child acknowledged that Vidhi is his adoration. Chitra requests that Amba drink the soup and says please. Vikram comes to Chitra and asks how is she? Chitra says she isn’t eating anything, therapist said that she will have food step by step. Entryway chime rings. Chitra opens the entryway and sees Dev. She inquires as to for what reason did you come here and requests that he avoid her loved ones. Vikram inquires as to for what reason did you come here? He says you could have come to know it all and inquires as to whether you have come to argue for your sister’s joy. Chitra and Amba ask what was the deal? Dev comes inside and gets his collar. He asks how challenge you to lift hand on my Mom and Vidhi. He beats Vikram. Chitra attempts to stop Dev. Dev signs her not to meddle. Police comes there and captures Vikram for going after Satyavati and Vidhi. They take Vikram from that point. Chitra requests that Dev save him. Dev likewise leaves. Amba comes to the PS with legal advisor and gets Vikram rescued. Vikram emerges. Amba asks Vikram for what good reason did he do this? Vikram says they have offended you. Amba says one slap isn’t sufficient, we need to accomplish something significant with the goal that they recollect Amba’s retribution. She requests that he do as she says. He says ok.

Written Update Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Today Episode

Vidhi remembers to pass her sentiments on to Bimla and Hariprasad. Amba lets Vikram know that they need to accomplish something significant, her vengeance is enormous. He asks what she will do. She requests that he stand by till tomorrow. Vidhi chooses to converse with Dev and afterward tell her folks. Vidhi remembers to converse with Dev and afterward she will converse with her folks. Sangeeta comes to her and tells that the workplace associates are chattering about her, seeing the manner in which she checks Dev out. Vidhi says she will watch out. She advises Sangeeta that she has chosen to enlighten her folks regarding adoring Dev. Sangeeta inquires as to why, you will let know if this will help. vidhi says she will meet Dev and talk about. She goes. She comes to Dev and tells that she needs to inform her folks regarding her affection for him. Dev asks what are you talking about? Vidhi says I realize that you believe that we have no future, yet I need to let them know everything. She tells that he generally propelled her. She had acknowledged rout, yet subsequent to conversing with Satyavati, she has chosen to let her folks know that they love one another. Dev says this could be perilous. Vidhi says I’m confident that all will be well. She says she feels that Milapni Maa needs one or the other’s the reason didn’t allow us to get drawn in to another person. She says in the event that our folks have no complaint, then, at that point, what is the issue? Dev lets Vidhi know that his mom’s mindset is unique and her folks are unique. He says they won’t allow you to come to the workplace. Vidhi says she needs to tell them before they come to be aware from others, and requests that he think and tell her before she returns home. All of a sudden Amba comes there. Vikram falls on Vidhi’s feet. Amba requests that he apologize to Vidhi and Dev. She requests that he overlay his hands and apologize. Vikram folds his hands and apologizes to Vidhi and Dev. Amba guarantees Dev that Chitra is protected in their home. She says we are going to your home, Vikram needs to apologize to your mother.Precap: Dev comes to realize that Ruhi is absent from Balghar. Police comes and captures Vidhi from the workplace for kid dealing and seizing of Ruhi. Vidhi is stunned as she is tossed in the lock up.


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