Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 9 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Update 9 December 2022

The Episode begins with Amba telling Dev that Vikram’s indignation is legitimate, yet anything he did was off-base. She says I’m a lady and guarantees you that Chitra is protected in our home. I won’t allow anything to happen to her. Dev expresses gratitude toward Amba. Amba says we are going to your home, to apologize to your mom. We will neglect and continue on throughout everyday life. She thinks Vidhi needs to take care of it, when she needs to argue, cry, embarrassed, annihilate and so on. She leaves Dev’s office.

Written Update Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Today Episode

Vidhi figures Sir will comprehend that I will tell this to Maa and Father. Police comes and holds Vidhi’s hand. Dev comes to be aware from somebody that Ruhi is absent from Balghar. Examiner comes and says you will now be taken to jail. Vidhi inquires as to why? Examiner says you are charged of hijacking of Ruhi and kid dealing. He holds onto her PC and versatile. Dev acts the hero. Vidhi says I’m blameless and knew nothing. Dev calls Chief. Chief says this matter is significant, and says you are as of now charged of prompting Amba of self destruction. He closes the call. Auditor says Vidhi is involved and requests that Constables take her. Examiner says she is liable. Yogesh thinks Amba has done this and thinks extraordinary move. Vidhi tells Dev, about her folks. Dev demands Reviewer to take her from opposite side of office, as though anybody sees her then her family notoriety will be destroyed. Auditor says alright. Dev lets the workers know that this is an unfortunate mix-up and tells that he will converse with Vidhi’s folks. He says whoever didn’t stand by listening to me, I will fire them.Hariprasad returns home and tells that Sri has wouldn’t reclaim the shop. He says how might I reimburse Amba now? Bimla lets him know that she is concerned for Vidhi, as she isn’t picking the call and her office timings are over.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 5Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

She tells that Vidhi had fever and enlarging all over. Hariprasad asks did she have medication? Bimla says OK. Hariprasad asks her not to stress and goes. The Police takes Vidhi out through indirect access. Dev requests that somebody meet him at Clergyman’s office. He emerges. Vidhi signs him that she is guiltless as she is removed by the Police. Vikram and Amba check out at the Police jeep from their vehicle. Vikram says you was correct, Dev will request that Police take her from secondary passage. He says the land is pulled away from her feet. Amba says Vidhi needed to contact the sky, I had told her not to take off, presently she has tumbled down. She says she got stained large that she can’t step in Raichand’s home. Dev meets with Pastor alongside the attorney. He lets Pastor know that Vidhi is guiltless and can’t do such an incredible concept as she has Milapni Devi sanctuary at home. The Clergyman says he knows the case and kid dealing is non bailable offense. Dev is stunned. Bimla calls Dev and gets some information about Vidhi. Dev says he will come and converse with them. Amba comes to Raichand’s home and apologizes to Satyavati. She says I cme without illuminating, yet I expected to clear the matter. She is sorry for anything that she told her on commitment day. She says we will fail to remember the past and continue on, today I have come for another person. She calls Vikram. Vikram comes and creases his hands. Amba expresses out loud anything Vikram had done was off-base, and afterward anything that Dev was legitimate. She says Vikram is Raichand’s child in regulation and it won’t be great assuming that he remains in prison. She says chitra is the connection between us, we need to contemplate her. She says Vikram couldn’t see my aggravation and did all that. She says I’m his family for him, however I caused him to comprehend that everybody is family. She says we can’t play with anybody’s sentiments. Vikram apologizes to Satyavati. Satyavati says leave it. Vikram goes to Abhi. Amba says I heard that Police captured Vidhi. Satyavati asks how would you be aware? Amba says she had gone to the PS and came to be familiar with her capture. She says you will realize what is happening in your children’s lives and goes. Satyavati figures how might Vikram be out of care and Vidhi is in. She thinks it is without a doubt Amba’s scheme. She calls dev, however he dismisses the call.

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Latest Spoiler Alerts 9 December 2022

Dev arrives at Hariprasad’s home. Hariprasad asks where is Vidhi, why she didn’t accompany you. Dev says I will tell you. Bimla requests that he tell obviously. Dev figures how to let them know that Vidhi is in prison, how she will bear this shock. Bimla asks where could she be? Dev says it is an unfortunate mix-up and she will be back by tomorrow. Hariprasad asks what has occurred? Dev tells that a young lady ruhi is absent from Balghar and Vidhi is captured in that. Hariprasad and Bimla get stunned. Hariprasad sits in shock. Dev requests that Bimla give water to Hariprasad.

Vidhi tells woman constables that she is blameless. They request that she be quiet, and push her in the lock up. Vidhi cries. Hariprasad tells that Vidhi fears Police and cries, it is honest to say she. Dev vows to bringb Vidhi back. Hariprasad expresses out loud whatever face I will show in the public eye? He cries and asks Milapni Devi. Dev swears on Milapni Devi that he will be not settled until he brings Vidhi back, and won’t come here too.

Precap: Dev comes to meet Vidhi in the PS. Vidhi says I’m extremely terrified. Dev holds her hands and asks her not to stress, as he won’t allow anything to happen to her.

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