Naagin Season 6 11 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 15 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Naagin Season 6 11 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 15 february 2023

The Episode begins with Prarthana coming to Raghu’s space to take her garments from the cabinet. All at once she hears Raghu coming and takes cover in the background. He says I will contact you in 60 minutes, as my sibling has done manage you. He begins unfastening his shirt to change, yet Prarthana sees him, holds his hand and tumbles down. He additionally falls on her and asks what is she doing here? She says she has come to take garments from cabinet. She says she won’t come back once more. Later he gets a call once more. He comes to Mahek’s room and calls her. He figures Singhania adornments should be in the pantry. He takes adornments alongside 9 naagmanis. Prarthana comes there and looks for the 9 naagmanis. Mahek comes there with Seema. Seema asks did you converse with Yudi about the 9 naagmanis. Mahek says she make no stride prior to affirming. She says she had conversed with yudi. Seema inquires as to whether Prarthana comes to be aware of the arrangement. Mahek says she won’t be aware and holds Prarthana who is stowing away as the snake. She tosses her outside. Later Mahek sees Raghu taking the gems boxes and asks him. He says he is taking it for Singhania. Mahek says alright. She sees naagmanis in his grasp and gets stunned. Prarthana sees Raghu leaving and holding the 9 manis sack. She battles with Mahek and attaches her to the support point. She proceeds to stop Raghu’s vehicle. Raghu gets down from his vehicle and actually takes a look at it. Prarthana opens the entryway and sees Mahek likewise opening the other entryway and attempting to get the naagmanis. Mahek took Seema’s assistance to get safeguarded from the snare. Prarthana takes the naagmanis from Mahek. Mahek remembers to kill Raghu to get the naagmanis. Prarthana goes to safeguard him. Raghu sees blue and brilliant snake and thinks brilliant snake generally helped her. Mahek lets Prarthana know that she has not won. Seema comes there with 9 naagmanis. Prarthana tells that she will get it as it is naag lok’s riches. She comes to the sanctuary and sees Naagraj Takshak on the floor. He tells her that Vishaka had made him into remains, however he utilized his powers to return. Mahek comes to Yudi and Seema and let him know that he is a major finance manager like his dad. He says he will be extremely strong in the wake of getting it. Prarthana illuminates Naagraj Takshak about Mahek’s arrangement. Takshak Naag is stunned and tells that the naagmanis are the abundance of this world, and requests that she go under the ground, to meet Shesh naag as this is the best way to stop the abundance in a similar country. Prarthana goes. Takshak naag says har mahadev.

Written Update Naagin Season 6 11 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Seema and Mahek host tossed the get-together. Seema says she has worn an alternate dress. Mahek says you are great. Raghu comes there and asks Mahek, why they are celebrating as Bhai left couple of days back. Mahek inquires as to whether he thinks this is a party, and tells that Vinay had done managing of 9 ratan jewelry to somebody and the purchaser is coming to take it now. Raghu says alright and takes a gander at the jewelry and says it is extraordinary, I never seen it. Seema says how you will see it, as Mahek is showing the naagmanis interestingly. Raghu says naagmanis. Prarthana petitions God and Goddess in the sanctuary and requests that they help her arrive at Shesh Naag. Two Snakes come there and crease their hands. Prarthana takes while the bhajan is played. She petitions Vishnu ji and requests that he send Shesh Naag to her. Ruler Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi open their eyes. She moves and sits down.Mahek says there are stories regarding icchadhari naagin/naag and naagmanis. Yudi comes there and says howdy. He says he can’t bear any longer, and requests the 9 naagmanis. Mahek requests that Raghu proceed to rest, says she will go to the clients. She applauds and two young ladies come there and takes him to hit the dance floor with them. Mahek lets Seema know that when the mani’s powers are frail, they will sell it and afterward will turn out to be more extravagant. Shesh Naag comes to Prarthana and inquires as to for what reason did you call me, as I had taken Samadhi. Prarthana says the 9 naagmanis are in adversaries bondage and asks how he can allow them to take the naagmanis. Takshak Naag requests that Shesh Naag assist them with getting the abundance of the naag lok. All the naags give first experience with Shesh Naag who has all the 9 naagmanis. Shesh Naag welcomes them all, and lets Prarthana know that he can’t help her, as his Ansh has come to the earth. He says he has sent his two little girls and a child. He tells that his child will be called as Shesh naag, however he doesn’t be aware right now, yet he will know it soon and will save the 9 maanis. Prarthana thinks blue snake is the new Shesh Naag. She appeals to Shesh Naag to bring the new Shesh Naag. He says he has taken Samadhi of 1000 years and can’t get back to help her. He says the new Shesh Naag, his child will come and save the naagmanis. Prarthana asks when? Shesh Naag says when the ideal opportunity comes. He says right now he doesn’t realize that he is Shesh Naag, yet soon he will be aware. He says I don’t have the foggiest idea where is he, yet he is close them.

Naagin Season 6 15 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Mahek, Seema and others feel like the earth shake. Yudi asks them not to stress and tells that sasquatch is bringing this world shudder and tells that on the off chance that Shesh naagin comes there and attempts to stop the arrangement, sasquatch will kill her. Prarthana petitions Shiv ji to help her and send the Shesh naag.

Naagin Season 6 11 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 15 february 2023

Raghu hears Tina crying and asks what occurred. The kid tells that Tina is sobbing for Preeti Didi. Raghu says Preeti is changed at this point. Tina lets him know that Mahek is a witch and tells that she does every one of some unacceptable things and not Preeti. She says she had secured us in room, when you was not there. Raghu thinks what is truth, what I have seen or what I have heard? Prarthana sees sasquatch and thinks Maa had recounted to me around 15 August story. She goes after sasquatch and tells that she is Shesh Naagin. Yudi sees Shesh Naagin and Sasquatch’s battle and grins. He comes inside and lets Mahek know that sasquatch will deal with Shesh Naagin and says they will do their managing. Mahek says now you can take the manis. She asks did you bring the cash? He shows the cash brief case. Mahek and Seema get blissful. Yudi tells that he has acquired land for them his nation and requests that they proceed to remain there. He tells that he will go to his nation and will design assault on this country.

Precap: Prarthana asks the new Shesh Naag to show his humanly symbol. Later the Shesh naag plays the knife and Prarthana sees his face.

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