Naagin Season 6 12 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Naagin Season 6 Written Update 12 January 2023

The Episode begins with Prarthana acquiring cognizance in the room and acknowledges it is a similar room which was shut. She gets generally her memory back and reviews Pratha requesting that she safeguard the 9 Manis. She says Mahek is as yet alive, I’m back from where I had gone. Smriti defies Raghu when he is sorry to her. Her little girl tells her that Raghu loves this young lady and they have tricked us. They leave. Seema tells Mahek that Smriti probably won’t leave her. Mahek says I’m a naagin and she is a common lady, I will mess with her. She says once she gets all the 9 manis, she will make the world dance on her tune. Vinay inquires as to whether he cherishes Preeti. Raghu says OK, and tells that he was wedding Ananya for him. Vinay says you was forfeiting your adoration for me. Prarthana hears them. She goes out and stands up to the God, inquiring as to for what reason did he send her back to long in torment. She says I won’t bear this aggravation given by you, and will hear my heart, and won’t carry on with the existence given by you. She gathers wooden logs and keep it on the ground. She remains close to the wooden logs and tells that she has consumed 3 fires as of now and will consume fourth fire which is hers. She appeals to Agni Dev and says Dharti Maa denied me, if it’s not too much trouble, acknowledge me. She lifts the fire and goes to remain on it. The snakes come there and set off the fire. Takshak Naag comes there and tells that these 9 snakes are her gatekeepers. He says you need to live with this aggravation. Prarthana tells that Shiv ji needs to come infront of me. She disappears from that point. Takshak Naag figures how her resentment will be calm.

Written Update Naagin Season 6 Today Episode

Mahek hears the children talking. Raghu comes to the children and give them food. He thinks why Preeti wedded me. Mahek comes there. Raghu asks her for what good reason Preeti wedded me. Mahek says might be she adores you and can’t see you wedding another person. Raghu requests that Gautam proceed to rest and says he will remain with the children in night.Prarthana furiously comes to the sanctuary and rings the sanctuary chime. She tells that even you had taken Rudra symbol, and tells that she won’t quit moving until she meets her friends and family, or her friends and family meet her. She begins moving, the sanctuary gets stirred up as though earth tremor comes. The snakes run out of the sanctuary. Takshak Naag lets the snakes know that Prarthana’s Rudra symbol is stir and tells that the earth can be annihilated. He says on the off chance that Shiv ji’s third eye is opened, all that will be destroyed.

Naagin Season 6 12 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Mahek imparts her arrangement to Seema that she will get to know Preeti and will get 9 manis from her. Prarthana moves in the sanctuary still. Mahek asks Seema. Seema says don’t ask me anything, I truly don’t know.

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Raghu comes to the children to make them rest. He thinks Preeti is in the room, I will converse with her in the first part of the day. Prarthana is moving still. The fire circle is made around her. She hears Pratha calling her. Prarthana says Maa. Everybody is quiet. Takshak Naag says somebody has come to assuage her resentment. Prarthana sees Pratha and says Maa. She embraces her and inquires as to whether you have returned Maa, in the event that you will return. Pratha says I won’t ever go. Prarthana hears the heart beat and pushes her. She says you are not my mom and requests that she come in her genuine symbol. The woman who acted like Pratha, tells that she isn’t her mom, however she resembles her mom. She ends up being Shesha and inquires as to whether you won’t invite me. She tells that she has come to help her and tells that there was a period, when I was a terrible naagin like Mahek, and fouled up to get powers, yet she didn’t get harmony. Sh says she remembered to accomplish something great, yet Shiv ji didn’t allow her an opportunity to accomplish something great. Prarthana says I needn’t bother with anybody’s adoration and don’t have any desire to get payback from anybody. Shesha says fate made you come infront of Mahek. She gives illustration of Slam and says he has never redirected from his point, in the midst of the aggravation which he had gone through. She inquires as to whether you maintain that Mahek should play with everybody. She requests that she shut her eyes and see, how Mahek has managed everybody. Prarthana sees Mahek killing Rudra, her folks and cousins. Shesha inquires as to whether you will disappear from your obligation, seeing Mahek’s violations. Prarthana says she can’t bear. Shesha says opportunity has arrived to end your foes. Prarthana says I will kill every one of my foes. Shesha requests that she return home and cause Mahek to accept that you know nothing about your past. She says we will overcome her in her game. Prarthana embraces her and says thanks to her for showing the correct way to her. She goes. Shesha folds her hands before Mahadev.

Prarthana returns home and supposes assuming she will trust Raghu. She says Mahek have some control over anybody utilizing the anklet so she can’t take risk and can’t enlighten him regarding her past. She sees Raghu resting sittin on the couch and covers her with the cover. Raghu awakens and inquires as to for what reason did you do this? She says she truly don’t have the foggiest idea. She says I can’t push ahead in that frame of mind, until I recollect my past. He says alright and says he remembered to sit with the children until she comes. She says now I have come and will be here. He goes to go and checks her out. He shuts the entryway and goes.

Prarthana hears something tumbling down and emerges from room. She sees somebody wounding Raghu and gets stunned. It ends up being her fantasy. Smriti approaches Ahlawat house and requests that her hooligans plunder the gems store. The thugs hit the gatekeeper and gets inside. They plunder the adornments. The watchman quietly calls Raghu and illuminates him about the plunder. Raghu is stunned and says he will come. The thug raises a ruckus around town. Prarthana slams into Raghu. He illuminates her about the plunder in the store. She attempts to stop him dreading risk to his life. He says he can’t let their hardwork plundered by somebody. She figures she can’t allow anything wrong to occur with him. Raghu comes to the store and battles with the hooligans. The hooligans get him and take shots at him. Prarthana freezes the second and redirects the projectile towards the hooligan. She then, at that point, alleviates the occasion. The thug has chance. Another is going to shoot Raghu once more. She comes as snake and chomps the thugs. Raghu saved the brilliant snake before from snake charmer and thinks they are more faithful than people. He approaches the snake. The snake slithers out and becomes Prarthana.

Mahek comes to Prarthana and requests that she call her Bhabhi. She says yesterday she was unable to praise their wedding and requests that she wear the garments. Prarthana tells her that she gets migraine ordinarily and she feels associated with the house. She says you have saved me from the hooligans. Mahek says I will continuously help you. Smriti gets chafed and drinks wine. Ananya stops her. Smriti says until I kill Ahlawats, this fire won’t light. Ananya requests that she quiet down and says I will light your fire, I heard that today is their secretary, yet I will do an impact and will get obliteration their lives. She says she has an arrangement which will make their life in danger.

Mahek tells that she will persuade Prarthana and will get the exit plan to get the manis from her. She sees a message composed with blood, I’m back. She drops the letter from her hand and sees Pratha sitting on the seat. She sees a similar message on reflect and gets terrified. Vinay comes there and asks what was the deal? Mahek tells that she has seen gift in which her photograph was cut. He requests that she unwind and gets some information about business. Mahek remembers to get back the mani from her.

Precap: Raghu fills Prarthana’s maang with sindoor. Ananya comes to the gathering party holding a container with insidious goals. Snake chomps Raghu and he tumbles down on Prarthana when they were dancing.

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