Naagin Season 6 3 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Naagin Season 6 Written Update 3 february 2023

The Episode begins with Vishaka stirring things up around town and making it fall. Everybody in the house feel like quake came. Every one of the children panics. Shesha and Prarthana see the house stirring up. Vishaka says Shesh Naagin will pass on. Prarthana requests that Shesha proceed to save the children, says she will take a brief trip and see Vishaka. Shesha says she is extremely risky. Prarthana says I will go. She goes. Prarthana goes out and lets Vishaka know that she is doing extremely off-base. Vishaka requests that she give divine anklet else she will obliterate her home. Prarthana says you can’t hurt my home. She goes behind the house and becomes goliath, makes the defensive safeguard around the house with her powers. Vinay says how did this world shudder is finished. Shesha thinks Prarthana has won from Vishaka. Vishaka attempts to go after the house, however fizzles and tumbles down. Prarthana assaults her and makes her tumble down. Vishaka goes from that point. Prarthana says I will kill everybody, whoever are my foes. She tells that she will begin with Raghu. She lets Shesha know that when she was doing puja in naag mahal, somebody took her mani and made the way for nothing banished naagin Vishaka. Shesha says who could do this? Prarthana says might be Raghu. Raghu comes there. Prarthana says she has figured a lot and says tomorrow they will begin their new life, and inquires as to whether he will come. He says he was sitting tight during the current day. Prarthana figures she will give him death.

Written Update Naagin Season 6 Today Episode

Mahek requests that Vishaka quiet down and says we will win sometime later. Seema comes there and tells that Maha Shesh Naagin has broken Cuttapa’s self image. She calls Vishaka as Cuttapa. She says I have lost from Naagin, however I’m not a naagin, yet you are Naagin, why you didn’t battle with her. Vishaka says she will tear into her. Seema says she will cut her with the blade. Mahek pushes her and tells that in the event that you both don’t stop then, at that point. Raghu comes there and figures today he will get anklet from Prarthana. Seema says carelessness and says Shesh Naagin should have some arrangement as a primary concern.
Every one of the children come to Raghu and requests that he give Pizza. Raghu yells at him for asking Pizza. The children ask you love us. Raghu says he is simply bearing them. Prarthana encourage the children. Gautam and Sonia accompany the children. Prarthana requests that they take them to the fair and afterward to watch film. Sonia inquires as to whether you won’t accompany us. Prarthana says Raghu is unwell, and I really want to give him medication. Raghu and Pragati are together in the room, when Vinay comes there and sees them together. He defies him for his off-base doings. Raghu holds his neck and says it is great that Bhabhi made you slap yourself. He says today is my suhaagraat with Preeti. Vinay says I won’t allow you to swindle her. Raghu cuts on his chest and goes from that point. Prarthana comes there and asks who did this? Vinay says Raghu. Prarthana calls Bahadur and sends him to clinic. She prepares and says you have ridiculed my sindoor, you have done a major sin and presently you will see your end and my retribution. She says you don’t realize that I am naagin, Shrest, Sarvashrest, Maha Shesh Naagin.Raghu keeps the bloom on the bed and thinks I need to go through a lovely night with that Prarthana or Preeti and I will know where is that anklet. Prarthana comes there and says she needs to give him shock, and says their marriage happened numerous prior days. She embraces him. Aaj Jaane ki Zidd plays… .She attempts to mess with him, yet he moves away. They dance. She attempts to mess with him once more. He turns. She prevails to tear into him on the third time. She makes container tumble down on his head and red blood emerges from his head. Prarthana understands that he isn’t her Raghu, as he is in somebody enclosure, and thinks don’t have the foggiest idea where could he be? She is running out and about and tells that she won’t leave them. Shesha comes behind her and asks what was the deal? Prarthana tells her that they have accomplished something with her Raghu, as the one in the house was fraud Raghu. She vents out her displeasure and raises a ruckus around town. Shesha says on the off chance that they come to realize that your shortcoming is in their imprisonment, they can do anything. Prarthana says don’t have any idea where is Raghu and says she needs to admit her sentiments with him. Shesha says we need to play similar game with them and inquires as to whether the anklet is in the protected spot. Prarthana says OK. Shesha says don’t tell them your game and we will know where is Raghu from the faker. Prarthana cries stressing for Raghu. Raghu is in the mystery room, where Shakti was tied previously. A woman comes there and saves nourishment for him. Raghu says I won’t allow anything to happen to Preeti. The woman proceeds to lock the room.

Naagin Season 6 3 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

The faker Raghu awakens and thinks it appears I had rested the previous evening. He sees Prarthana and embraces her. Prarthana blows up, however resists the urge to panic. The children call Prarthana. Everybody is having food at the table. Mahek comes there and tells that she is her companion Vishaka. She asks where is Vinay. Sonia says he missed you to such an extent. Raghu says it is your home. The children let Prarthana know that today is the republic day and requests that she prepare them. Mahek and Vishaka meet the snake charmer and says Prarthana will not have the foggiest idea about their arrangement. The children request that Prarthana bring Shesha for their dance execution. Shesha says she will likewise come. Sham Raghu comes there and tells that he will likewise come. He gives chocolate to the children. Mahek comes to Vinay who is on the bed with breathing apparatus. She asks what has been going on with him. Seema comes there and tells that fraud Raghu has done this. Prarthana prepares the children and enlightens them regarding the Military official Rishabh Gujral and his better half who was a superwoman who did much for their country. She tells that they are her standards and tells that they will do anything for our country. Gautam asks what Tina has become. Tina says bharat mata. Tina appeals to God to make her success in this opposition. She tracks down the heavenly anklet there and wears it. Prarthana is taking the children from that point, when Vishaka tells that she can hear the anklet sound. Mahek asks what? Seema says it is to you and that is the reason you are hearing it. Vishaka requests that she stop it.

Naagin Season 6 Latest Spoiler Alerts 3 february 2023

She attempts to detect from where the sound is coming. She sees the anklet in Tina’s feet. She requests that Mahek see it. Mahek likewise sees it. Seema says she was unable to see. Vishaka insults her. Prarthana brings the children for the republic day festivities. Mahek, Vishaka and Seema likewise come there. Vishaka says she will win, and requests that they see where could Tina be? Every one of the children perform on the stage on Vandemataram. Tina comes and stands in the middle. Prarthana figures she won’t allow anything to happen to Bharat Mata. She sees Mahek, Seema and Vishaka checking Tina out. She sees Nani’s anklet in Tina’s feet and thinks they came to take it. She figures she won’t allow them to take it and will successfully stop them. She signs Shesha. Prarthana comes to Vishaka and tells that she won’t let her success. Vishaka says I will win, do whatever you want.

Precap: Prarthana hits Vishaka and makes her tumble down. Vishaka blows fire from her mouth and consumes the stage. Shesha tumbles down. Naagraj takshak lets Prarthana know that anklet, however manis are likewise expected to save her. At the point when Prarthana offers generally her naagmanis to save Shesha, somebody wounds her on her back.

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