Naagin Season 6 5 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Naagin Season 6 Written Update 5 January 2023

Mehek gets back with Sonia. The takral family feels blissful. Seema sees Prathna accompanying Mehek. She thinks at long last Mehek tracked down Prathna. Mehek invites Gautham and Sonia and uncovers to everybody that she is consenting to Sonia’s marriage with Gautham. She causes them to sit on the mandap and requests that Pandit start the marriage. The Takral family leaves. Seema goes to Mehek and inquires as to whether the young lady who accompanied her is truly Prathna or not. Mehek says Prathna isn’t responding seeing us so how about we cooperate with her. Vinay says thanks to Mehek for grasping Sonia’s sentiments. Gautham and Sonia get hitched and takes the senior’s approval. Gautham embraces his vagrant family. Seema inquires as to whether she is Prathna or her clone. Mehek says she has a method for tracking down it. She harms the sweet her toxin. She requests that Vinay appropriate desserts to everybody. She takes exceptional desserts to Prathna. Prathna takes the sweet. Bunty crashes into her and makes Prathna drop the sweet. Prathna asks him for what good reason he got it done. Bunty says he saw a snake. Prathna asks how might wind come here. Raghu says now and then winds come here.

Written Update Naagin Season 6 Today Episode

Seema asks Mehek for what reason she got her adversary to home. Mehek says she got her to be aware in the event that she is Preethi or Prathna. Seema advises her an arrangement to be aware on the off chance that she is truly Naagin or not. Mehek meets Prathna and advises her to light Diya infront of their family goddess and it’s finished from the man of the hour’s side so do this custom. She concurs and leaves. Seema organizes snake catchers in the wilderness and requests that they execute their arrangement once Prathna comes here. Prathna goes to Kuldevi sanctuary. Seema takes cover behind the tree. Mehek comes there and joins Seema. Seema signs snake catchers to begin their work. Snake catchers play the music. Prathna changes to her Naagin structure and gets into the rhythm. Seema says they get their hands and sees Mehek is moving as well. She requests that Mehek control herself and tells her that it’s Prathna and not Preethi. Mehek says she will get microorganisms once Snake charmers lock her.Raghu meets the children and asks where is Preethi. Kids let him know Mehek send her to the wilderness to light a light close kuldevi. Raghu feels stressed for Preeti/Prathna’s wellbeing. Pratha goes to her snake structure and her 9 microbes get noticeable. She goes after Snake charmers. One of the snake charmers tosses an elixir that debilitates Prathna and she turns into a little snake and he finds her utilizing a net. Raghu comes there looking for Prathna and he whips Snake charmer and saves snake and he is ignorant that it’s Preethi. Mehek feels frustrated. Prathna leaves from that point and falls oblivious. Raghu recognizes her and requests that she open her eyes. Prathna acquires awareness. He inquires as to whether she is fine. Prathna asks him what has been going on with her. Mehek and Appears see it and examine that Prathna is dramabazz. Raghu says you might fall oblivious seeing the snake charmers who came to get snakes. He takes her with him.

Naagin Season 6 5 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Later in the evening, Prathna awakens. She feels parched and emerges to hydrate. Prathna is going to hydrate. Mehek stops her. She mesmerizes her and takes her to her room where she requests that Prathna tell her what occurred and how she become Preethi. Prathna in her spellbinding tells her whatever happened to her and how she arrived at the halfway house. Mehek inquires as to whether she didn’t recall what has been going on with her folks. Prathna says she didn’t recall. Mehek requests that she go to her room. Prathna leaves.

Naagin Season 6 Latest Spoiler Alerts 5 January 2023

The following day Prathna says they will leave. Raghu requests that they stay for additional days. Mehek concurs with Raghu and asks Prathna and the children to remain more days. They concur. Seema believes what’s Mehek’s arrangement. Kids feel glad to remain in the haveli. Raghu goes to his room and sees the injury on his back that occurred during his battle with a snake charmer. Prathna comes there with lep and concerns him when he can’t make it happen. Both feel off-kilter. Prathna reviews blazes of Rudra and falls oblivious. Rudra holds her and asks her what occurred. Prathna acquires sense and apologizes to him. He says thanks to her for applying lep.

Seema reproves Mehek and inquires as to why she made Prathna stay here. Mehek says Prathna remembers nothing and I track down it by hynotizing her and presently you will perceive the way I will get 9 microorganisms from Prathna. Prathna approaches the shut entryway and feels unsteady. She believes what’s her association with that room. Mehek lets Seema know that she will grab 9 microorganisms from Prathna during a full moon night. Seema asks might she at any point make it happen. Mehek says she will. Prathna sees inside the shut room and gets blazes of how Rudra passed on. She believes what’s her association with this room.

Smitha Takral battles with Mehek and Vinay. Prathna hears the yells and goes down. Smitha breaks the arrangement they have. Vinay requests that she keep their own and proficient life separated. Smita denies it and says she will demolish them by reclaiming their assets and ruin their standing on the lookout. Vinay feels stressed. Raghu requests that she not converse with Vinay in like that and tells her that he will wed her little girl as per the arrangement today itself and requests that she do the courses of action. Vinay attempts to stop him. Raghu says he can’t bear it on the off chance that anybody affronts him. Prathna feels terrible and she doesn’t have the foggiest idea why she is feeling as such. Raghu leaves. He plays guitar in his room and reviews his minutes with Prathna/Preethi. Prathna goes to him and inquires as to whether he is fine. Raghu inquires as to whether she doesn’t have any idea what he feels for her. He admits to her the amount he cherishes her. He says she isn’t written in his destiny and requests that she hit the dance floor with him for one final time so he can carry on with existence with these recollections. Prathna advances her hand. Raghu holds her hand and hits the dance floor with her. Both embrace each other.

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