Pandya ore 21St January 2023 Written Update Today Episode 26 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Pandya ore 21St January 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 26 January 2023

The Episode begins with Chiku says I called Chachi rather Chachu, I wish Chachu answers this time. Mittu says I will not go to class. Raavi requests that he grumble to the educator. He says I did. She says I will accompany you. He says no, I m terrified of beating. She embraces him. She answers the call. Chiku says get Chachu soon, Suman is sick. Raavi says don’t call once more. Chiku says I m saying reality, come soon. Mittu asks who is Chiku. She says nobody, we need to avoid him. Krish hits the dance floor with his inlaws. His telephone rings. Server gets his telephone. Krish believes it’s a call from India. He says wrong number.

Written Update Pandya ore 21St January 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Chiku calls once more. Krish replies. Chiku says Krish Chachu. Krish hears the specialist saying Suman is basic, anything can happen to her, we are making an honest effort. Chiku says if it’s not too much trouble, come soon, Dadi is sick, mum and father are crying. Krish says I can’t come and closures call. Chiku gets miserable seeing Dhara and Gautam. Shiva awakens. He asks Raavi is everything fine. She says OK. Gautam is as yet resting. Dhara embraces Chiku and says all will be well. Chiku says I called every one of the uncles. She asks did they reply, are they coming. He says no. She gets some information about Dadi. He says OK. She asks when did they become so stone-hearted that their heart isn’t dissolving for their genuine mother. She sees Gautam. Dev says in the event that anything happens to Suman… Rishita contends with him. She says I feel frightened. Shesh giggles. She makes him out of the room. Shesh says open the entryway, I need to see your battle. Dev says we need to go there, what will be left aside from store and shop after mother goes. Rishita says OK, we need to go at this point. He embraces her. Shesh breaks the window and looks on. Dev says stand by, I will open the entryway. Shesh says I did this to come inside. Dev says you might have harmed, don’t do this, I m taking you to a decent spot. She says don’t know any other person will come or not, don’t get close to home. He says they will come. Raavi gathers her sack. She reviews Dhara. Mittu inquires as to for what reason are we going. Raavi says to dole out retributions. He says nobody will beat me there. She embraces him. Shiva comes and inquires as to for what reason did you gather the sacks. She says we are going to Somnath. He says we are in Somnath, right, you are discussing sanctuary. She asks will you accompany me. He says I will continuously be there with you, I feel cheerful today, don’t have the foggiest idea why. They say I love you and hug.Krish gathers his pack. The man says he needs to go, Suman is his mum. The woman embraces her. Krish says don’t stress mother, I will proceed to come soon. She says don’t go. The man says let him go, else he will remain miserable here. Krish says Suman is the last connection, when she goes, all that will have a conclusion. Dhara requests that Chiku have khichdi. Chiku says no. She says she will be fine. He makes her grin. Gautam gets up and says where am I, emergency clinic, Chiku are you fine, what are we doing here. Dhara says you don’t have the foggiest idea what has been going on with the family. They contend. Chiku says don’t battle with her, she is in strain, Suman is wiped out. Gautam asks what, I need to meet her. Chiku says stand by, specialist is there. Gautam inquires as to for what reason didn’t you wake me up. She reproves him. He says she made my siblings away, I stay oblivious due to her. She says then, at that point, give me toxin and kill me. He says I need to meet my mum. She says nobody will permit you there. He says my mum is in this condition in view of you.

Pandya Store 26 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

They get some information about Suman. Specialist says we are giving our all. He chastens Gautam for drinking. He says I will call the specialist. Dhara says its sanitizer’s smell, he isn’t well. Chiku takes Gautam. Specialist cautions her. She says sorry.

Pandya ore 21St January 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 26 January 2023

At home, Chiku deals with Gautam. He says Dhara commends you a great deal. Gautam chuckles and embraces him. He says she lies regarding me, else my siblings would have not left me. Dev and family comes. Chiku says I will do my maths schoolwork on own in the event that God sends your siblings home. Gautam says I m going to scrub down, we will proceed to meet Suman at the clinic. Chiku says fine. He sees Dhara’s pic. He says I need to end our sharpness, however my injuries get crisp seeing you, I won’t allow Chiku’s childhood to ruin. Dev takes a gander at the house.

Suman says I m fine, bring me back home. Dhara says you need to pass on, your children have returned. Suman asks what. Dhara sees the family and cries.

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