Pandya Store 10 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 10 December 2022

The Episode begins with Suman saying ‘sorry’ and requesting that Dhara and Raavi come inside. Dhara holds Raavi’s hand and comes in. Raavi doesn’t step aerobics. She reviews Shiva’s words and won’t come. She says nobody regards me here, I won’t return. She requests that Rishita take Chutki. Rishita expresses profound gratitude, we ought to praise that we removed Shweta. Raavi says its as yet not fair, fare thee well. She leaves. Shiva pursues Raavi and tumbles down. He yells Raavi. Suman reviews Shweta’s words. Everybody reviews Shweta’s words and cry. Shiva stops Raavi and apologizes. He says allow me an opportunity. She says I would rather not converse with you. He says sorry.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

She says sorry can’t fix this, you offended me before the whole world, you, me and our connection can’t get like previously, you can’t return my regard. He says Shweta has plotted this. She asks are you a youngster to trust her, don’t you understand what your better half can do and so forth, was this your affection and confidence, simply believe, on the off chance that Shweta didn’t acknowledge her reality, then how might you respond, on the off chance that you assumed you were correct, tell me. He cries. She says in the event that you questioned me today, you will question me in the future, I can’t endure this, I can’t remain with you now. She goes. Bheegi… plays… He yells Raavi and sits crying.Rishita says Shweta has come clean with us prior to going, on the off chance that Krish didn’t wed Shweta, then we would have not experienced along these lines. Dhara inquires as to for what reason are you accusing Krish. Rishita says in the event that you and Krish didn’t utilize your psyche, then, at that point, we would have not endured, Krish made this huge stride since he had seen your frenzy for Chiku. Krish says Shweta did what she needed, will you become perfect by accusing Dhara. Rishita requests that he mind his language. He says I ought to offer this guidance to you, you can’t become extraordinary like Dhara, Dhara and Gautam generally thought for this family first, you can never do this, what’s going on did she do in the event that she had an independent mind, you feel Dhara has pained the family for the good of Chiku, how about you address this, you have Chutki and furthermore a choice to get pregnant.

Pandya Store 6Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

He says give Chutki to Dhara, we will begin the non-permanent parents process tomorrow in the court, Dhara will get Chutki, then, at that point, there won’t be any issue. Dev requests that he mind it. Krish requests that they think great for the family once. Rishita asks does anybody give own youngster to somebody. Krish chuckles. He says you cause Dhara to take care of your kid’s responsibilities, yet you can’t give your kid to her, you have no mental fortitude, however I had boldness to bring my joy to Dhara, that’s what I did, I will do it ordinarily. Dhara requests that Krish get peaceful. She says I don’t need Chutki and Chiku. She inquires as to for what reason did you do this, I asked you, you had sworn on me, I felt you love Shweta, you needed to continue on from Kirti, so I concurred, your one choice demolished everything, everything got broken, I have turned into a delinquent. She cries. Rishita says its not only Krish’s slip-up, you are similarly answerable for this, in the event that you had seen this present circumstance by eliminating Chiku’s adoration, this would have not occurred. Krish yells on her. Dev yells on Krish. Gautam requests that they stop it, and not do any more show. They all leave. Dhara sits crying. Gautam holds her. Suman cries and says I trust this isn’t the beginning of coming awful time.

Pandya Store Latest Spoiler Alerts 10 December 2022

Raavi says I broke connection with Pandya family, it occurred as you needed. She tells this to Shweta. Shiva apologizes to Dhara. Dhara remembers to track down an answer for join Raavi and Shiva’s relation.

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