Pandya Store 10 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 13 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Pandya Store 10 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 13 february 2023

The Episode begins with Shiva saying you needed the mic. Rishita says I don’t need it, I feel sorry for you, you don’t have a clue about your privileges, you will ask on the streets soon in the event that you serenade Dhara’s name. He begins yelling and shields Dhara. Raavi says you are saying this since I asked you for garments for Shiva and Mittu, I didn’t have a clue about your reasoning can fall to such an extent. Rishita says I didn’t actually intend that. Dhara asks them not to contend. Raavi requests that Shiva take a brief trip and see Mittu. Shiva goes. Dhara conceals the papers. Shesh picks the marbles and says I won’t leave that young lady. Shiva gets down on Mittu. Natasha sees the children and gets terrified. Shesh reprimands her. Natasha says avoid me, my mum will reprimand you. She closes the sanctuary entryway. She says you three are awful young men, you came to battle with me. Shesh says I m a terrible kid. Chiku says we won’t battle, open the entryway. She says no, you will pull my hair. Shesh says she is acting great. She begins hacking. Shesh says she is getting unwell. Chiku says we will do nothing, open the entryway please. She falls. Shweta says I m coming to dole out the retributions and ruin your life. She goes into Pandya house. Chiku says open the entryway, we will do nothing. The children attempt to break the entryway. They break the entryway and see Natasha. Shweta grins seeing everybody. She applauds. Everybody turns and gets stunned seeing her.

Written Update Pandya Store 10 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

They all review the old episode. Dhara says Shweta… . She stops and sees the papers. Shweta welcomes Suman. Dhara keeps the papers. Shweta expresses congratulations for the commitment, Krish. The children hurry to Natasha and care for her. Chiku says I have seen her some place, yet where, I don’t recall. They sprinkle water to awaken her. Shweta insults Krish. Shweta embraces Prerna and grimaces. She says such a lovely lady of the hour, you both truly look charming, I will avoid the terrible sight. Shweta gets aarti plate. Dev and Rishita run out and get down on Chutki. Shweta does Krish and Prerna’s aarti and jokes on him. She applies tilak to him. She inquires as to for what reason didn’t you welcome me. Krish yells and tosses the aarti plate.Rishita and Dev get some information about Chutki. They rush back home. Rishita goes to Shweta and slaps her. She asks where is my Chutki, tell me. Dev chides Shweta and asks where is Chutki. Dhara stops Rishita. Shweta asks did you go frantic. Dhara slaps her. She asks where is Chutki, say it. Everybody encompasses her. Rishita says I have lived without Chutki such a long time. Raavi says you grabbed our bliss, Shiva is in this condition as a result of you, tell us, where is Chutki. Dhara requests that Dev call the police, this time she can’t take off. Prerna’s mum says so this is Shweta, Krish, is your most memorable spouse such a lady. Krish asks where is Chutki, say it, where is Chutki, else… Shweta says you are futile like generally, you can do nothing. He says you will understand what I can do, tell me, where is Chutki. Dhara inquires as to for what reason didn’t you bite the dust. Shweta inquires as to for what reason will I bite the dust, similar to you were content with Chiku, I m content with Chutki. Rishita says she is my Chutki. Dev requests that overseer return home, they have gotten Shweta. Prerna’s mum Ruchi inquires as to for what reason did she return now. Prerna’s father Mahesh says enough, we will go. Ruchi says OK, this family is a wreck, I will converse with Krish, Prerna you accompany us. Prerna won’t go. Dhara requests that Shweta say where is Chutki. Shweta begins snickering. She says you would rather not figure out Chutki, so you called the police, right, fine call the police, then I won’t say about your Chutki. She sits eating the starters.

Pandya Store 13 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Rishita requests that Dhara give Chiku to Shweta. Raavi says police will see her. Shweta says Chutki will bite the dust, in the event that you give me to police, she will kick the bucket any place she is presently. Everybody is shocked.


Pandya Store 10 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 13 february 2023


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