Pandya Store 10 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 10 January 2023

The Episode begins with Krish compromising Shweta. He says I didn’t present the legal documents till now, on the off chance that I don’t separate from you then what will occur. He terrifies her. He says you should remain with me in Pandya Nivaas for quite a long time assuming I let the guide know that I love you a ton, you can’t leave the country, it will be fun, we will get back at you. Shweta gets stunned. She requests that he get out. Shiva and Raavi partake in the chaat at the slow down. She cries inwardly. He wipes her tears. He asks what are you thinking. She says there are numerous issues, I m not landing any position, you will not do boxing. He says I will bring in cash, you won’t have to do anything. Shweta comes to the police headquarters and takes the protest back. Rishita irately slaps Shweta. She chastens the reviewer and says you ought to have captured Dhara, not my child. Shiva takes care of the panipuri to Raavi. She says its truly hot. She takes care of him the panipuri. She says see, its so fiery. He requests water. She requests that he eat more. They have a second. They leave from the slow down. Shweta signs the papers. Krish and Dev come. Dev embraces him. Dhara gets delivered. She chides Shweta.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Shweta says you simply talk, you sit idle, I do what I say, Rishita separated today, stand by and watch, I will break the whole Pandya family. She leaves. Everybody returns home. Shiva says Shweta is a Chudail, we will get the store back. Raavi says this plan can fizzle. Shiva says plan can work additionally, figure positive, come, we will return home and see, Krish could have come. Shweta checks the pic edge and gets out whatever’s so pixie in the pic, that Krish and afterward Dhara came to take it. Everybody returns home. Suman asks what occurred, for what reason is Chutki dozing. Rishita says she is crying since I saw her in the police headquarters. Shiva asks Dev for what good reason didn’t you call. Dev says I called you since 2 hours. Suman asks where did Shiva and Raavi go. She says Chutki is crying a great deal. Rishita says she would be ravenous. They attempt to reassure Chutki. Dhara says I will check her once. Rishita pushes her and requests that she avoid her little girl. Dhara tumbles down. Everybody gets shocked.Gautam, Dev, Shiva and Krish hold Dhara. Shiva asks what’s this trouble making. Suman inquires as to for what reason did you push Dhara. Dhara says its fine, I committed a major error, I have no issue, check Chutki’s diaper once, it was dry previously. Rishita says its dry. Dhara says she ought to have done pee at this point, take her to emergency clinic. Rishita and Dev leave. Everybody is at the emergency clinic. Dhara informs the specialist concerning the capture. She says Chutki got frightened at the police headquarters. Specialist says it perhaps a justification behind the trauma.

Pandya Store 10 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Rishita sobs for Chutki. Nurture says we need to get an infusion for Chutki, its cost is 50000rs. Dev returns home and tells this to Dhara.


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