Pandya Store 11 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 11 January 2023

The Episode begins with Specialist making sense of them about Chiku slipping into injury. Shweta converses with the legal advisor and requests that he get her separated soon. Rishita embraces Dev and cries. She asks how might we live assuming that anything happens to Chutki. Dev requests that she be solid. Raavi requests that Rishita not lose boldness. Dhara inquires as to for what reason does it turn out badly when I attempt to accomplish something beneficial. Gautam inquires as to for what reason do you attempt, your reasoning will destroy Pandyas. Rishita says I have chosen to disappear once Chutki gets fine. Dev gets a call. He says they are giving my responsibility to another person. Rishita says we are staying put, Dhara would be blissful now, congratulations, I disdain you more. Dhara cries. Suman says Chutki will get fine, Dev will land another position, yet you can’t take these harsh words back, so stop it. Dhara consoles Chiku. She says I won’t get resolute to get the store back, I won’t attempt to get the store now. Kaki comes to Shweta and contends with her. Shweta requests that she get lost. Kaki says I got a purchaser for the store. Dhara says I failed to remember that I m fouling up with Chutki. She faults herself. She says I ought to leave contemplating everybody, I need to zero in on Chiku, Gautam and Suman now. Rishita says you acknowledged who are your needs in this house. Dev says I realize you are stressed for Chutki, however this isn’t a method for conversing with others. Dhara says its alright, I fouled up with Chutki, Rishita can reprove me, I needed to get Pandya store back in light of the fact that just I planned to keep the profit alone, for my egotistical thought processes, right, so you would rather not see my face.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

She says Raavi abhors me as of now, I made her leave the work, when all is well among Raavi and Shiva now, Raavi is jobless, I ought to have perceived that my kids aren’t youngsters now, they have own personalities to have an independent mind, I don’t have to think for them, I won’t think. She cries and says the manner in which you have acknowledged Pandya store as your past, I will likewise acknowledge it.Shweta asks did you track down somebody to purchase the store for 50 lakhs. Kaki says no, only 12 lakhs, I enlightened a man regarding this store, he is prepared to give 12 lakhs, let me know if you need to sell the store. Shweta chastens her and requests that she leave. Kaki says everybody knows your deed, you will not get more cash for this store. Suman says we need to get Pandya store back, you were talking lofty things, what occurred of that commitment, on the off chance that you need to take the family along, you can’t lose. Dhara expresses out loud whatever will I do, my battle isn’t with just Shweta, my whole family is against me, Shweta will win when everybody here figures I m a lowlife, how might I battle, tell me. Kaki says you will not get any purchaser. Shweta says let me think and tell you. Kaki says give me 1 lakh as commission for help. Dhara says I will do nothing currently, let them do anything, sorry Dev, Chutki is in the medical clinic today as a result of my slip-up. Krish inquires as to for what reason are you saying this, anybody can commit such error. Shweta begins giggling. Kaki asks what occurred. Shweta asks where will you keep 1 lakh. Kaki exhorts her. Shweta affronts her. Kaki leaves. Specialist comes. Rishita asks is Chutki fine. Specialist says she began peeing, yet we need to hold her under perception for 4-5 days, she can recuperate before additionally, store one lakh at the counter and fill the confirmation structure. They worry.

Pandya Store 11 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Dev embraces Rishita and consoles. Shiva says we need to orchestrate cash. Raavi says you don’t have to battle, we will give our reserve funds to Dev, yet you won’t battle. He says you are simply considering myself, did you see Dhara losing, never, she generally represents the family, she kept the family joined together. She says Dhara has understood her slip-up, she left the store. Shiva says Pandya store isn’t a thing, however our mum, I was against Dhara, when I saw mum’s miserable face, I felt mum likewise had an expectation from Dhara, she got sorrowful. Dhara gets back home. Raavi says don’t get profound, Dhara’s expectations were great, however something turns out badly. Dhara hears them. Raavi says Dhara got us hitched against our desire, since her need was to get Dev and Rishita wedded, she didn’t consider Chutki today to get the demise testament, in the event that Rishita and I were working today, the family would have been taken care of, we as a whole got jobless due to our business closing down, you let Dhara do everything alone.

Pandya Store Latest Spoiler Alerts 11 January 2023

Shweta cautions Dhara. Dhara and Pandyas need to save the Pandya store.

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