Pandya Store 12 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 12 January 2023

The Episode begins with Dhara saying even Shiva left me today, he used to remain as my solidarity. Dhara cries and gets miserable. Dev is concerned. Dhara comes to him. She says I have stuffed nourishment for Rishi, she will decline, you feed it to her, and feed kesar milk to Chutki assuming specialist permits. She gives him cash. She says its 1 lakh that we got subsequent to making clinical protections, store this in the emergency clinic, just relax, Chutki ought to get fine. Dev asks how would you do this, Rishita offended you a ton, you got the cash for me. Dhara says she told that out of frustration, she doesn’t loathe me, on the off chance that anything happens to me, won’t she represent me, I committed an error, Dev, I utilized my brain a ton, I failed to remember that Chutki is a little child and Rishita is her mum, your bliss is the most pixie for me, even Pandya store isn’t demon than all of you. Dev embraces her. Krish, Raavi and Gautam likewise embrace her. Shiva asks Dhara for food. Dhara is selling the dosa outside the food. Shiva goes out and sees Dhara’s dosa slow down. He asks what are you doing here. Suman and everybody come.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Suman says Dhara, it’s the best arrangement. Dhara says I gained this from you, a Gujarati can earn constantly. Gautam says you didn’t tell me. She says I will tell you later. Dev comes. Dhara asks how is Chutki now. Dev says she is better, Rishita needs couple of things. She requests that he take rest, Krish will take the things. Dev says she wants me there, I wish I got Chutki’s protection additionally, I really want 50000rs now. Raavi requests that he take it from her. He says don’t have any idea how much will be spent more. Specialist actually looks at Chutki. Rishita gets some information about Chutki’s psychological issue. He says kids likewise comprehend outrage and strains, we ought to have great climate at home, she can have a drawn out issue moreover. Rishita stresses. Shiva gets a call about the battle. Shiva sees Dhara. He says let me know the number of individuals to battle, when and where to come. The man says same spot, come at night. Suman and Dhara stress. Raavi asks what are you doing, you will not do this battle. Shiva says in the event that Dhara can sell the dosa on the streets, I can proceed to battle. She says no, please, for the good of I. He says say nothing that I reject and you feel awful, I will battle. Raavi requests that Dhara make sense of Shiva, he can likewise arrive at the medical clinic, our time is running awful. Dhara asks who am I to talk between you both, you converse with him, he won’t stay faithful to my promise on the off chance that he would rather not, I won’t express anything to him. Shiva expresses attempt to figure out Raavi. He goes.Raavi says you’re not supporting me since I m not supporting you. Dhara says let me stroll on some way with harmony, what is it that you need, you generally hold me wrong, you instruct me plainly. Krish says I will help you. Dhara requests that he go for his work. She requests that Gautam go. He says I realize you are disturbed, don’t act typical, I committed an error, I m sorry. She says no, you showed me the correct way. Dhara requests that Suman head inside and have food. Suman requests that she give dosa and idlis. Dhara cries and gives her the food. The man provides the food request and says you accomplished something beneficial to put this slow down. Dhara gets the cash and thanks them.

Pandya Store 12 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Suman grins. Dhara takes her endowments. Rishita says its great you have come, specialist was saying, the kid can severely affect whole life, guarantee me, we will take off from that house. Nurture requests that they organize 50000rs for the infusion. Dev asks how might I get 50000rs. Dhara is as yet selling the dosas. Shweta passes by and stops. She insults Dhara. Dhara says I will provide you with a plate of dosa on the off chance that you need, else you might leave. Shweta says we will eat the dosa and go. Dhara reviews her words. She requests that she sit. She makes the dosa. She says have tolerance, this is uncommonly for you. Shweta eats it and hacks. She says you added a lot of flavors in it. Dhara insults her. She sprinkles the chutney over Dhara’s garments. Shweta gives a cash to her. Dhara requests the cash. She says come back once more. Shweta says I got a purchaser for my store. Dhara is stunned. Shweta says I will sell it in two days and go. She jokes on Dhara’s dosa slow down. Dhara goes to Gautam. She says Shweta said she will sell the store in 2 days. Shiva says I additionally heard this on the lookout. Dev returns home. Dhara asks what occurred, are Chutki and Rishita fine. Dev says specialist has recommended an infusion worth 50000rs, how might I get the cash now. Dhara and everybody worry.

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Shiv says I chose it, I will battle. Shiva gets gravely thumped. Raavi yells Shiva and races to him.

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