Pandya Store 13 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 13 December 2022

The Episode begins with Raavi reprimanding Shweta. She requests that she show some mankind towards Chiku. She gets a cover. Shweta says keep it, I don’t need it, Chiku is my kid, for what reason do you give it a second thought. Raavi says don’t show your disposition to me. She conceals Chiku. Chiku cries. Raavi goes. Shiva says I had an issue that Raavi had concealed things from me. Dhara says in light of the fact that.. He says I know I m possessive, I love her, she generally makes sense of me, I grasp her, however this time I didn’t attempt, I would have rather not questioned her personality, yet she lied, she had concealed things, so this issue occurred, when she came in Krish’s marriage, I went to apologize, she didn’t excuse me, fine, I said nothing, I realize she can’t have any undertaking with anybody, yet my heart brings up issues. Dhara thinks they have made a major issue of this easily overlooked detail. Raavi gets the milk for Chiku. She says I actually have humankind, I m leaving the entryway open, in the event that your inner self gets frozen in chilly, come inside. Shweta giggles. Raavi asks am I a joker. Shweta says close to home joker. She reprimands Raavi.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Shiva says her error is concealing things and lying, she didn’t converse with me, matter would have addressed, how might I make sense of her. Dhara requests that he quiet down, all that will get fine. She embraces him. He cries and says she is my adoration, I will kick the bucket without him. She thinks Arnav is the explanation, I have figure this out. Shweta and Raavi contend. She calls Raavi a close to home simpleton. She says you are distant from everyone else in this whole world. Raavi cries. Dhara says I realize you love Raavi with a genuine heart. Shweta says for Shiva, Dhara is more devil than your affection, so he went to her, this happened as a result of Dhara, what happened today, she came to you and acted of supporting you, then, at that point, she went to her family, she let you be, she is the truth.Dhara pursues a person to get Chiku back. She yells. She awakens from this fantasy. Its morning, Dhara comes to meet Arnav. She says you fire Raavi from the gig. He says she is skilled. She says no occupation is devil than relations, my concern is, my family is broken. He asks the matter. She says Shiva and Raavi are getting far off, you are one of the explanation, they love one another, they are obstinate, Raavi won’t leave this work, perhaps she shouldn’t this, however the present moment, their connection is devil, you fire her from the gig. Arnav says this issue can happen whenever, Shiva needs to change. Dhara says OK, however I can’t see them getting isolated now, I demand you to if it’s not too much trouble, eliminate Raavi from work. Arnav figures the reason why do I feel fretful, she is only my worker. Dhara says you need to do this to keep my family joined together. He says it’s a tough choice for me, Raavi is a decent and genuine worker, give me some time. She says fine, take time, however you need to fire her from work. She goes. Raavi comes and sees her going. Arnav says I will be let be, did I fall head over heels for him, how might I fire her. Raavi asks what occurred. He says nothing.

Pandya Store 8Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

She inquires as to for what reason did Dhara come here. He thinks I have succumbed to you seeing your devotion towards work, I can’t see you miserable moreover. He requests that she have some time off, due to family issues. She asks did Dhara come here to request that you fire me, or wouldn’t you say I m effective in my work. He expresses quiet down, you are overcompensating, how could I settle on Dhara’s colloquialism, enjoy some time off and zero in on Shiva and your connection, I don’t believe that the work should separate your connection. Shweta asks out and about. Pandyas get stunned seeing her. Shweta requests some cash for the kid. Dhara worries.

Pandya Store Latest Spoiler Alerts 13 December 2022

Raavi goes to the boxing ring and pummels Shiva. She reprimands him for sending Dhara to office. He falls down.

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