Pandya Store 14 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 14 December 2022

The Episode begins with Shweta asking out and about. Pandyas look on stunned. Gautam says this sometimes falls short for you, don’t do this, you were our bahu till yesterday. She says I m not the bahu now. Krish yells and requests that she ask before her folks’ home. She says I m not their little girl now. He says you are additionally getting offended alongside us, you are taught however you need to do this. He sees Chiku crying. Kanta comes and asks Shweta is she not afraid to do this. She asks Dhara what’s this new show. The woman insults Gautam. Individuals insult. Pandyas look on. Shiva reprimands the man. He gives cash to Shweta and requests that he proceed to get some food. He admonishes Shweta. Dhara requests that they go, now is the right time to open the store. She gives the tiffin to Shweta.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

She requests that she eat and furthermore feed her kid. Shweta denies and says I don’t need your foundation. Dhara says you were asking for food, presently you are declining to take this, I don’t figure you can bear to show this disposition, you know us, we don’t send the vs with nothing, you are the fortunate hobo today. Shweta cries and declines. Dhara says Chiku.. Shweta says don’t approach my kid, I will break your hand, who realizes you added poison in the food. She goes asking. Kanta holds Dhara.Arnav says you are fortunate to the point that Shiva and your affection is shared. Raavi says no. He requests that she enjoy some time off, quiet annoyance and invest energy with Shiva. He says I need this, your family and Dhara likewise need this. She says goodness, so Dhara told this, she believes Shiva and my connection should improve, Shiva is her fav, you are my companion, you ought to help me. He says fine, demonstrate it that you don’t adore Shiva, could you at any point do this, no, you will get back to him. She says OK, I love him a great deal. He inquires as to for what reason are you not returning today, you believe should foul up with him, you choose what to do, till then you are excused, clear the installment from account dept. She cries and leaves.

Pandya Store 9Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Dhara fills the milk bottles for Chiku. She says now you see Shweta. Rishita inquires as to for what reason are you irate. Dhara says Shweta came to ask at the entryway, she was showing Chiku’s awful state deliberately, I gave food, she didn’t take it, how might any mother be so stone-hearted, she is keeping her youngster hungry to disturb others. Rishita says Chiku is devil to her, she will protect him, you can definitely relax, don’t come in a way that would sound natural to her, don’t have the foggiest idea the number of relations she that break. Dhara says my family is as yet bearing the discipline for my affection for Chiku, I guarantee, I will do nothing that she returns home. She cries.

Pandya Store Latest Spoiler Alerts 14 December 2022

Raavi says Dhara has gone to Arnav for the good of Shiva, I will show him something new today.

Raavi leaves in an auto. She reviews Dhara’s words. Shiva calls Dev and requests that he deal with the store. Dev says you ought to have told me previously. Raavi sees Shiva and gets down the auto. She follows Shiva. Dhara leaves the house. She gives the milk bottles in the area. The man says you have returned again to get beaten up.

He insults Shiva. The men snicker. Shiva reproves the man. Raavi comes there and contends with Shiva. He requests that she go, they will talk later. She punches his face. The men snicker. Shiva asks did you go distraught, what’s this frenzy. Raavi gives the cash to the man. She checks Shiva out. Dhara requests that the woman give the milk jug to Shweta assuming she gets back home. She says I don’t need Chiku will remain hungry. The woman says you don’t stress for Shweta, she is on streets. Dhara says if it’s not too much trouble, give this milk jug to her. The woman closes the entryway. Raavi says he jumps at the chance to get thrashed, I will beat him today. The men joke and chuckle. Shiva says don’t lash out, we will return home, you can beat me there. Raavi says the choice will occur here in this ring, why, did you get terrified. She tosses the gloves at him. Shiva sees the men chuckling. She asks them not to stress, Shiva ought to know how it feels to lose regard before everybody. She likewise wears the boxing gloves. She requests that the man have desserts ahead of time for her triumph. She punches Shiva’s face and admonishes him. He asks how could you lose your employment. Dhara goes to different houses. She figures they won’t help me with such ease, I can’t see Shweta and Chiku on the streets, I need to converse with Jankana.

Jankana sees Shweta and cries. She requests that she return home. The woman requests that Gautam get Shweta home. Krish says I will separate from Shweta and end this chapter.

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