Pandya Store 14 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 17 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Pandya Store 14 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 17 february 2023

The Episode begins with Dev dropping a telephone in the receptacle. Shweta stresses. Suman says we will give you a chocolate. Chutki says I will go to my mumma. Chiku locks the entryway. Suman sats get her to me. Shesh tumbles down and cries. Suman says don’t cry, you are valiant. She sees his physical issue. She requests that Chiku get haldi. Dev searches for his telephone. Suman applies haldi to Shesh and says its finished. Chiku emerges and says Shesh tumbled down on account of that young lady. Shweta passes the telephone to Dev. Shweta thinks all around good my child. Everybody runs back to see Shesh. Rishita and Dev care for Shesh. Rishita chides Chutki. Dhara requests that she control herself. Chutki says you are a terrible aunt. Dev says she is a young lady. Shiva asks who is this young lady. Dhara says aunt is senior, awful habits, express sorry to her. Chutki says sorry, I never say sorry. Rishita says I figure her mum didn’t show her habits. Dhara requests that Chutki say her mum’s name. Shweta emerges from the container. Raavi asks Chutki her mum’s name. Chutki says she goes by Cart, she is hanging tight for me at sanctuary. Gautam and Shiva take Chutki. Shweta hides.

Written Update Pandya Store 14 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

She turns on her telephone. Suman sends the children inside. Rishita calls Shweta and requests Chutki. Shweta requests 50 lakhs. Rishita asks how might we get such a lot of cash. Shweta says Krish is there, I am familiar with him, he is acquiring in dollars in Canada, I didn’t realize he will procure the most in your family, else I would have accepted cash from him as divorce settlement, give me 50 lakhs else you will be liable for Chutki’s passing, demonstrate it that adoration and family are devil than cash. Rishita yells. Shweta says I don’t have Natasha with me, how will I respond, for what reason did I separate from Krish unexpectedly early, I m such a dumb young lady. Gautam and Shiva get Chutki to the sanctuary. She requests that they think that she is mum. Gautam asks her not to cry.He gets some information about the young lady’s mum. Pandit says I don’t have any idea. Rishita requests that Krish give cash to Shweta. She says you are having an opportunity to correct your mix-up, I will excuse you, give cash to Shweta. Ruchi says you are accompanying us. Prerna says let Krish come once. Ruchi calls Krish. Krish says OK I will help. Ruchi says we don’t maintain that Prerna and you should remain here, sorry, you need to choose if you need to accompany us or remain here, we are going to Canada. She closes call. Krish calls Prerna. Ruchi stops her. Rishita says kindly assistance me. Krish says I guarantee, I will assist you, I with having to head off to some place now. He leaves. Rishita blacks out. Shiva requests that Chutki say her mum’s depiction. Chutki portrays. Shiva says I used to do likewise in adolescence. Pandit says we can’t track down her mum along these lines. Gautam and Shiva bring Chutki back home. Dhara conceals the legal documents. She says Krish has hardly any insight into this, we will begin the separation cycle when this show closes. Suman and Dev console Rishita. She sobs for Chutki. Gautam says we didn’t think that she is mum. Dhara asks where did she go.

Pandya Store 17 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Chutki says I need mumma at the present time. Dhara mollifies her. She says we will proceed to find her tomorrow, remain here, this is your home. Chutki requests milk. Suman says give her milkshake. Suman says Chutki will come. Chutki sees Rishita crying. Dhara says we will view as her, be solid in the event that you need to deal with her. Suman says Krish will give the cash, just relax. Shiva gets fretful watching them. Chutki goes to Shesh and Mittu. Shesh requests that she get out. She rejects. They alarm her. She cries. A photograph collection falls. Chutki says let me see, I need to see it. She doesn’t see Shweta’s pic. Shweta stresses for Natasha. Shesh says there is Krish in this pic. Chutki says she is my mumma, how is she doing his uncle.

Pandya Store 14 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 17 february 2023

Rishita says Pandya house is prepared available to be purchased, only for one crore. Raavi gives a handout to Dhara. Dhara cries.

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