Pandya Store 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 14 January 2023

The Episode begins with Krish saying Mansukh has told me, that transient has turned into Mansukh’s sweetheart, she had upheld Shweta. Dhara grins and gets some thought. Mansukh and Kaki come to Shweta’s store. Shweta really takes a look at the papers. She says I need to get liberated from this store. Kaki requests cash. Shweta gives her some cash. Mansukh says Pandyas are selling the house. Shweta is stunned. Dhara asks truly. Krish says OK, for what reason are you so cheerful. Dhara says Shweta will come to purchase our home and we will decline, Kaki will illuminate her. Shweta asks is this news valid. Mansukh says OK, Krish let me know that they need cash to run the house, you are brilliant, you got their store. She says thanks to him and says we need to defer this library, its my desire. Dhara says on the off chance that we concur, she will question, Shweta will peruse each paper cautiously, then, at that point, it will misunderstand, we will make the arrangement by utilizing that elderly person. Krish inquires as to how could she support us. She says a toxin removes poison, simply perceive how I make that elderly person against Shweta, that elderly person is eager, we will pay her. Shweta locks the store. Mansukh asks will she give the store. Kaki says she will give it, you think, how might you persuade your child and bahu for our marriage. Shweta crashes into Dhara. Dhara puts the ghunghat all over. She drops the flier. Shweta understands it and says I will post this. Rishita and Raavi learn Shweta is coming. They start acting.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Dhara educates them. Shweta hears Raavi and Rishita talking. She snickers. Raavi says we will come on streets, she will prevail in her arrangement, on the off chance that I was a Pandya family foe, I would have purchased this house first. They go. Dhara gets back home. Shweta doesn’t see her coming. She likewise goes into the house. She asks Suman how can they live without her. She says I have chosen to purchase your home for 25 lakhs. She enrages them. Raavi and Rishita request that Shweta purchase the house. They say thanks to her for the blessing. Suman says even I won’t forget my bahus saying this.Dhara says the day she has would not offer the store to us, I will not offer the house to her. Shweta contends. Rishita and Raavi act and contend with Dhara. Dhara says I told no, it implies no, I m the oldest in the house, simply go out assuming all of you need. Shweta says it won’t look great assuming that all of you go out and ask, offer this house to me. Suman says no, I can’t give my home to you, get out, else I will call the police. Suman admonishes Rishita and Raavi. She says I m with Dhara in this. Dhara asks Shweta did she hear Suman or not. She requests that Suman get out. She makes Shweta out. Shweta lashes out. Suman says it was not my acting, yet my response subsequent to seeing Shweta. Raavi acclaims her acting. Rishita says I will proceed to converse with that elderly person. Suman says simply tell whatever is essential. Rishita says OK. Krish comes and asks what did you say Shweta. He says Shweta is sharp. Suman says you would be aware. Dhara says I know how to deal with this young lady, watch out for her, get to work now. Shweta lashes out seeing Pandya store pic. Krish keeps an eye. A man comes to Pandya store and gets the conveyance request. Shweta contends with him and requests that he leave. She says I need to get Pandya Nivaas. She supplicates. She gets a thought and considers it. Krish sees the insect spray bottle in her grasp. He says did she go to my home to get payback for the insult.

Pandya Store 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Chiku makes kites and sends it to everybody, requesting that they return, Suman is sick.
Dhara says they will come, you need to bite the dust. Suman says OK. Chiku runs and opens the entryway. He sees his little cousins.

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