Pandya Store 15 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 15 December 2022

The Episode begins with Raavi getting into the boxing ring. She gazes at Shiva. She signs him to come up. Shiva gets into the ring and gets slammed up by her. She reprimands him and punches him. She says you have sent Dhara, you believed me should lose the employment, with the goal that I have no cash and get back. He says you are misconception. Jankana requests that Hari have food. Hari says Shweta is living on street with her kid, you said she will come, did she come, do you stress for her or not, I know what to do, I m going to view as her, she will remain with us. Jankana gets Dhara’s call.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Raavi thumps Shiva and asks do you feel blissful at this point. Shiva requests that she tune in. He says allow me an opportunity to speak, I generally approved of your work, I sat idle. Dhara says your little girl is asking in the city, your heart isn’t softening, we can’t keep her home, you can keep her, did you consider Chiku, bring Shweta back home, kid is a kid. Jankana says OK, you are correct, I will pardon Shweta and get her home. Raavi says it’s completely false, you questioned me in light of my work. She goes. Shiva says I approved of your work or your chief, you deceived me, that was harming me, I can endure everything except not lies, you misled me so I don’t get injured, think about me, how could I feel when I knew reality and you misled me, so I questioned you, you realize I lash out when anybody takes a gander at you, not on the grounds that its my desire, its my adoration for you. She asks don’t I love you, Shiva. Shiva grins. She says I lied, as I was unable to see you hurt. He says I m see everything obviously now, kindly excuse me, I love you a ton, I will not do this slip-up in next 6 births. Everybody applauds them.Kesariya… .plays… Raavi cries and embraces him. She says I lost the employment, in the event that I lose my significant other, life will get exhausting. He asks what do you mean, he used to commend your work, how might he fire you, I will converse with him. She says no, I would rather not go there, I will work elsewhere, I have insight. He says right, get another line of work, however before that, get back home with me. She says I will come, however I have a condition. Jankana and Hari search for Shweta. They see Shweta. Shweta sees them and comes to ask. They cry. Rishita says you are rehashing a similar misstep, you are getting personal for Chiku. Dhara says you think I m blowing up, I m doing this by thinking admirably. Shiva asks will you keep a condition. Raavi says OK, I would rather not get expelled over and over. She requests that the man give a matchbox. She lights the matchstick and requests that Shiva add on a few additional vows to the marriage promises. She says you won’t ever uncertainty on me. Shiva guarantees by keeping his hand over the fire. He says you likewise guarantee me, you won’t lie and consistently say reality, regardless of whether its awful and harsh. She guarantees. She says you will continuously trust me. He vows to accept her indiscriminately. Everybody applauds. They embrace and thank everybody. The two of them praise each other.

Pandya Store 10Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

The man requests that Shiva save some sentiment for the house, will they make everybody cry now. He says you lost and won today, such a man is known as a Baazigar. He returns the cash. Raavi inquires as to why, what did he win, I have won my monkey. Shiva says no spouse can win. Everybody snickers and applauds. Shiva requests that she get back home. Raavi holds his hand. They grin. Shweta contends with Jankana. She says sorry Chiku, we need to lose something to get something. She gets angry.

Pandya Store Latest Spoiler Alerts 15 December 2022

Dhara requests that the youngster give the food parcels to Shweta. The youngster gives it to Shweta. Shweta tosses it and yells on Dhara. The woman says Gautam, Shweta is Pandya family bahu. Krish says I will separate from Shweta and end this story.

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