Pandya Store 17 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 17 December 2022

The Episode begins with Dhara hearing Chiku cry. She goes to Chiku. Shweta takes Chiku from the woman. Shiva says take the drugs for the wellbeing of Chiku, it will be really great for you in the event that he remains fine. Shweta tosses the drugs. She chastens them. Shiva says Shiv will see you, I was frantic to come to help you, I m going. Shiva and everybody leave. Shweta says this is the beginning, I will get you all on the streets. Everybody gets back. Hari says I m reasoning to purchase a level for Shweta. Jankana says she can remain here. He says she won’t remain here, we are her folks, not her Sasural, Suman didn’t think once prior to removing her. Suman comes and says OK, I didn’t think, didn’t you see what she did, she broke Shiva and Raavi’s connection, would I keep Shweta home until somebody lost a day to day existence, I m senior and need to safeguard the family. Gautam chastens Dhara. She cries and says Chiku is experiencing fever, I simply stress for him, don’t all of you love him. Krish requests that she come, she is harmed. He does the emergency treatment. Suman says I just came to return the papers. Jankana inquires as to why. Suman says Chiku isn’t in our home, what will Dhara do of this cash, these papers are the issue, spare us, we broke all relations with Shweta, Shweta is utilizing Chiku and looking for consideration, I won’t allow Dhara to fall feeble, Shweta needs clinical assistance. Hari says you mean she is distraught. She says OK, who asks out and about and makes own youngster ask, when she is taught and rich, she can come here and remain, she needs to inconvenience us, take the papers. Jankana says you are correct, Shweta needs clinical assistance, you need Chiku’s improvement, you let Dhara keep the papers.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Rishita says we additionally want to sob for Chiku, what can really be done, Shweta isn’t allowing us to do anything for him. Dhara asks mightn’t we at any point cross her. Jankana asks would you like Shweta spending the cash. Suman says you keep the cash, spare Dhara. Hari says right. Jankana lies about Hari and her sickness. Hari asks what are you talking about. Jankana says I swooned that day on account of my sickness, kindly let Dhara keep the cash, don’t have any idea how will Shweta respond when she gets the cash. Suman says OK, yet spare us. Jankana expresses swear on Chiku and if it’s not too much trouble, let Dhara keep Chiku’s store, I beseech you. Hari asks what gibberish. She says I understand what I m doing, give me some time, please. Suman leaves. Jankana looks on. Dhara says discover an acceptable method for bringing Chiku home. Raavi says we can request that Shweta give Chiku, however she will not permit, we need to forfeit relations assuming we call Shweta home. Rishita says this time, she went with disdain, she will focus on every one of the relations. Shiva asks will we stress or let Dhara stress, assuming anything happens to Chiku, Shweta won’t mind, we give it a second thought, in the event that anything occurs, Dhara will die.Raavi says everybody knows this, yet we need to think essentially, we can’t put all relations in question for the good of Chiku. Hari asks what disease do we have. Jankana says I will deal with this. He says you disdain your girl, you are doing this to get payback. She says I m sure that some wonder will occur, she will get her place back in Pandya family. He says that family isn’t meriting her. She says no, Shweta doesn’t merit them, no other person can deal with her. Gautam says Shweta can’t break our relations, will our trust end on one another. Suman gets back home and hears them contending. Rishita says Shiva confided in Shweta and fouled up with Raavi, Shiva acted severely with Dhara, on the off chance that Shweta returns home, this will rehash. Suman says wow Rishita, what a lecture.

Pandya Store 13Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

She says I had gone to Jankana’s home to return the papers, however she would not take it and caused me to swear on Chiku, Jankana and Hari are sick, they were battling so I came, in the event that Jankana believes Dhara more than Shweta, it implies she realizes Shweta is off-base, they realize Chiku is our shortcoming, we will get Chiku home and Shweta will likewise come, she is self centered as a mum, she realizes Shweta will remain protected in only our home. Jankana says Shweta is on street by her desire, she is asking to make our day, she is showing Chiku to Dhara, she is off-base. Hari says your choice is off-base. He stresses. She says no, one day you will say thanks to me for this choice, I m getting her future, in the event that she goes to Pandya family, she will have a family. She grins. Suman requests that Dhara choose, how much does she trust her childhood, in the event that she gets Chiku, Shweta will likewise come, might her Devars at any point prevail with regards to keeping relations or not. She says tell me, on the off chance that Shweta gets back home, your Devars can protect relations or not, you realize they pay attention to anybody, choice is in your grasp, since, supposing that the relations break then Pandya family will be done. Dhara cries. Suman requests that she say. She says you need Chiku back, do you trust them, this is your last opportunity to get Chiku, in the event that Chiku and Shweta come, on the off chance that everything stays solid, great, assuming any block moves, the whole house will collapse.

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Shweta says Chiku’s fever isn’t getting down. She goes to drug store and requests medications. She goes to the clinic to find support. The woman says Chiku has turned cold.

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