Pandya Store 19 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 19 December 2022

The Episode begins with Suman requesting that Dhara think well. She requests that everybody go. They leave. Gautam embraces Dhara. She cries. Shiva says I will proceed to meet Dhara. Raavi says no, don’t make her obligation extreme. He says she is powerless as a result of us. She says no, she is powerless in view of her protective love. He says you mean Shweta is correct and Dhara is off-base. They contend. She says Dhara ought to understand, the choices she takes, what it means for the whole family, its excessive that she is in every case right. Shweta says Chiku’s fever isn’t going. The woman says organize the medication quick, you had tossed the meds out and about, who tosses meds. Shweta says don’t giving me address. The woman says Chiku has a lot of fever, I have seen numerous youngsters biting the dust here. Shweta says don’t say this. The woman says you ought to have asked your Sasural for cash, I heard your Maayka is additionally rich, how about you go to your folks. Shweta cries. She proceeds to really take a look at the fallen prescriptions. She sees the wrecked jug. She cries. Rishita says so much occurred. Dev asks how might you respond assuming that you needed to pick Chutki and family. She says clearly Chutki, she is my girl. He asks doesn’t Dhara love Chiku, she cherishes him a great deal. She says compelling reason need to look at, in the event that I needed to pick Dev and Chutki, and take off from this house, I will leave, Dhara’s case is unique, everybody is pixie for her, she can’t have everybody constantly, she needs to pick either Chiku and family, I couldn’t care less assuming she picks Chiku, however I don’t figure she can keep everybody together.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Shweta says his fever isn’t getting less, is there any physicist store close by. Gautam and Dhara cry. Shweta goes to the clinical store and requests medication. The man expresses its about a little child, proceed to get solution. Gautam says I will continuously be there in all your choices, I m sure you won’t take an off-base medication. She says I feel frightened, this family is breaking, how long will I keep them joined together, how will I respond, assuming that anything happens to Chiku, could we at any point excuse ourselves, tell me, who will I picked. Shweta comes to the emergency clinic and requests a specialist. Nurture expresses stand by till morning. Shweta says no, it will be late. The woman says he has turned cold, he isn’t moving, Chiku… Shweta stresses. Its morning, everybody has breakfast. Shiva requests that Gautam handle the shop. Gautam responds indignantly and requests that he do anything, yet not ask him. Dhara comes. She says I won’t take Chiku’s name from today, I had three children previously and even now I have three children, my Shiva, Dev and Krish. She cries and says these three mean the world for me. Suman cries.Dhara says I don’t require any other person than them, this is my choice. Suman gestures. Dhara says my family is the most pixie for me. Yaadon ki baraat… plays… They all embrace Dhara. Shweta really looks at Chiku and cries. The man says emergency clinic is shut today.

Pandya Store 14Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Dhara cries. Suman inquires as to for what reason are you crying. Dhara says I have gone frantic, my heart throbs seeing Chiku hurt. Gautam requests that Shweta give Chiku to Dhara. Gautam asks her.


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