Pandya Store 2 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 2 December 2022

The Episode begins with Rishita acting to descend. She requesting that Shweta go, she will deal with. She closes the entryway. Shweta grins. Rishita says my dress got terrible, it was a dress. Dev asks will I help. Rishita says no. He handles Chutki. Arnav comes to meet Raavi. He says I was going to Pandya house, Dhara let me know everything, we are companions, you can impart the issues to me. Raavi says I won’t share anything individual, we realize we are companions, yet Shiva thinks we have more than fellowship. He asks what, for what reason didn’t you make sense of him, I will make sense of him. She says compelling reason need. Shiva comes to the boxing arena. He pays twofold and says I will battle with two individuals. The man says I can do nothing on the off chance that you pass on in the ring. Shiva asks him not to stress. Arnav requests that Raavi substantiate herself right. Raavi says it will be better on the off chance that we don’t meet. Dhara says OK, keep companionship till office as it were. He says I won’t ever turn into an issue in Shiva and your connection. Shiva gets thrashed and grins. He reviews Dhara and Raavi. Krish acts and tells Dhara the best way to pass on. He says then Shweta will get terrified of you. Dhara says I can’t make it happen. Gautam comes and asks what happened Krish. She says I can’t stop my breath, request that Rishita plan Krish’s homicide, please, I have cold additionally, on the off chance that I wheeze before Shweta… Gautam says no, your homicide will occur, perceive how you give great execution. She says don’t cause me to do this. He says you believe that our family should join once more, you need to do this. Suman sits tight for Shiva. Shweta says Rishita would rest, let it be. Rishita opens the secondary passage for Dhara. Suman says Shweta has made the food, Rishita is still protesting. Gautam requests that Krish call Shiva. Krish says its not associating. Rishita says Suman and Shiva will go, we will likewise go out by some reason. Dev says I will request that Krish take Shweta out.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Rishita says I m confiding in all of you. Shiva gets back home. Gautam inquires as to for what reason are you arriving behind schedule. Shiva says don’t act that you give it a second thought. Gautam says we couldn’t care less. Suman says I care for you, did you go for battling once more. Shiva doesn’t say anything, I will let you know on the way, come. He says I feel choked in this house. He leaves with Suman. Shweta gets the water bottles. Suman cautions everybody. Gautam says Dhara and Raavi won’t come here. Suman requests that Shweta call and illuminate her assuming they come. Gautam says I will drop you Maa. They leave in the car.Rishita asks will we go. Shweta asks where. Rishita says some great spot, what will we do here, Dev is taking me for supper, I can’t have food made by you. Dev says sorry Shweta. Shweta says I don’t feel terrible of her words. Dev says I will get Chutki and come. He requests that Krish deal with the house. Krish says we will likewise go out, eat and return home, we will get fellowship. Shweta thinks I need to make arrangement to take off from this house. She says I needed to eat outside, however I m missing mother a great deal, I will eat at her place, you likewise come. Krish says its OK that you are blissful. They additionally leave.

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Krish locks the house and leaves. He says you keep the keys, I might arrive behind schedule. She leaves. He sees the other key. He turns off the lights and locks the entryway once more. He says the homicide plan will start now, and Shweta will tell everything. He leaves. The cheats come there. Rishita says Chutki is protected with Chiku and Raavi. Shweta meets her folks. She says Suman went for Darshan, Gautam went to meet Dhara, Dev and Rishita went for supper, Krish went to the shop, I felt terrified there and came here. Hari says we are answerable for her depression, she has no the means to go out and arrange food, might you at any point sign the papers. Jankana says I will think and tell you. Shweta says don’t compel mother, I will finish a work and bring in cash. Jankana asks doesn’t Krish give you cash. Shweta asks how might he bear Chiku and my costs, Krish gives his portion for Chiku. She cries and misleads them. She says you figure I don’t cherish Chiku, I brought forth him. Criminals intend to ransack Pandya house. Dhara, Krish, Rishita and Dev clasp hands and come to Pandya house.

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Dhara sees the criminal. He cuts her with the blade. Shweta asks who killed Dhara. Dev says you have the blade close by, you are the murderer.

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