Pandya Store 2 january 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 2 january 2023

The Episode begins with Dhara saying purchase the adornments for me later. Rishita contends. Dev says we will document a misrepresentation case on Shweta. Rishita says OK, we will lose more cash for the situation. Hari and Jankana return home. Suman asks did you come to taunt us. Jankana says we came to apologize. Suman says we can’t pardon you. Jankana says take cash from us and get the Pandya store back. Suman says you ought to have given it to Shweta, simply go, else I will express a negative thought. Rishita says issue settled, we can take their cash, Chiku is Pandya now. Dhara says Chiku is mine, he was Shweta’s child, presently he is just my child, Shweta has no right on her, Jankana isn’t his Nani. Rishita says don’t hit on your foot, think for all intents and purposes. Jankana says she is correct. Rishita says we won’t give you any premium, we will return the cash. Gautam requests that Dev make sense of her. Dev asks Rishita not to take any critical choice without asking anybody. She asks like Gautam takes.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Dhara says you are not connected with us, we need no cash. Suman says we don’t need your cash, I came to give these papers back, for what reason didn’t you take it, you said you are debilitated and can’t deal with this, why. Dhara says we don’t need to keep anything here that Shweta goes into our home, I demand you to not visit us once more, Shweta has gained this from you to give significance to cash, my Chiku will not realize this, he will become familiar with our upsides of family, our solidarity. Jankana says we can see your solidarity, Rishita’s viewpoint is unique. Dhara says she is juvenile, you don’t attempt to break our loved ones. Dev, Gautam and Krish stand with Dhara. Dhara requests that Jankana leave. She says in the event that you meet Shweta, tell her that we would not take your help.Jankana requests that Dhara attempt the influence of cash once in a while. Dhara says there isn’t anything we can’t do, you keep your recommendation, I made kheer that Chiku has become Pandya from Patel, have the kheer and go. She gives the kheer. They leave. Rishita says you don’t pay attention to me, what solidarity is this. Gautam says let us know if you have a superior option.

Pandya Store 2


2023 Written Update Today Episode

Arnav sees the banner. He considers Raavi. Raavi makes a video. She says this video looked phony. He asks how might I converse with her so discourteously, will I call her. He calls Raavi. He is sorry. He says I understood I committed a major error by terminating you. She says I will come tomorrow to meet. Its evening, Dhara says I have seen my family’s this side interestingly, I feel everybody is prepared to battle, I m not ready to comprehend my family now.

Pandya Store Latest Spoiler Alerts 2 january 2023

They deal with Chiku. She gets a thought. She asks could we at any point spread the word that we will contract the house. Gautam says we can’t sell the house. Dhara says we will just spread this gossip, when Shweta realizes this, then, at that point, she will attempt to purchase the Pandya house to demolish us, we will get her signs on store papers, we will get back the store and house.

Dhara says I have made an arrangement to get the store back, we will spread the talk of selling the house, we will swindle her. Tishita contends with her.

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