Pandya Store 20 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 20 December 2022

The Episode begins with Shiva saying you won’t ever lament your choice, we have consistently cherished you a great deal. Dhara says I know, you will deal with me in advanced age. Dev says OK. Krish says enough Dev, I don’t really accept that this, I feel they won’t uphold you, they would have considered bringing Chiku back, nobody thinks for you here. He disappears. Suman says he will be fine when he sees you fine. She asks Dhara not to adjust her perspective at this point. Dhara says I won’t transform, I guarantee you. Suman thinks I m vulnerable and need to say your choice is correct. Raavi calls Arnav. She messages him. Shweta stresses. The woman says stand by, medication will influence him. Chiku opens eyes. Shweta gets assuage. She thanks everybody. The woman requests that Shweta find support from her Sasural, its about Chiku, she can demolish them later. Shweta says it’s smart, however Kaki, I will not go to them, you go to take help, I need to keep pride and get cash. The woman asks what will I get. Shweta says I will give a cash to you. The woman concurs. She says Chiku got fine at this point. Shweta says OK, we realize he is fine, they don’t have the foggiest idea. Dhara considers Chiku. She goes about her responsibilities. Gautam says I m going to the shop. He helps her in cooking. She requests that he not inconvenience her and simply go. Rishita comes and says you just added salt, did you neglect. Dhara says we need to make papad, its devil, Raavi will make it. She gets down on Raavi. Raavi blows up and goes. Dhara requests that she make the papad. Gautam says you don’t eat well nowadays, I will get juice for you. Raavi requests that Rishita help her in work, then she needs to proceed to get a new line of work. Rishita says sorry, I need to take Chutki to the recreation area. Gautam gets the juice. Dhara rejects. Raavi contends with her. Dhara admonishes her.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

She says remember that you and Shiva are talking today since I caused you to leave the place of employment. She reprimands Raavi and Rishita. Shweta and the woman get back home. Shweta looks on. Raavi says please, you have taken Chiku’s choice yourself, don’t vent outrage on us, let us stay glad for certain days. Dhara says fine, then proceed to get wafers from the market. Shweta grins hearing their battle. She says its tomfoolery, I needed this, Dhara is chiding them, Raavi has changed her tones. Dhara says I will observe Diwali today, you will make papad. Gautam requests that she stop it now. He asks Raavi how can you converse with Dhara, you are likewise venting dissatisfaction on her. He requests that Rishita go to stop. He says house is breaking because of seemingly insignificant details. Shweta says they are furious, now is the right time to act, come, we will go piece far and do the show. Gautam says we will employ somebody to make papad. Dhara says we sell papads in light of the fact that its custom made. Shweta requests that the woman take Chiku and act. Shweta and the woman act.They all hear Shweta crying. Rishita asks Dhara not to come in a way that would sound natural to Shweta, she is doing this to approach her. Raavi says OK, don’t fall frail. Dhara asks them not to guide her. They rush to see Shweta. Shweta asks cash for Chiku. She says he has high fever. Rishita says Shweta is lying, he doesn’t have cash. Dhara cries. Rishita says she will leave her choice and ask Shweta to give Chiku. Raavi says Shweta came here to do the show. The neighbors admonish Dhara. The woman says they are great individuals, they will give cash for Chiku’s treatment. Shweta asks cash. Rishita says in the event that Chiku is so sick, go to your folks’ home and ask, leave. Shweta says don’t contact me, this is a road, I m asking here, not at your home, I will successfully save my kid, in the event that this occurs with your girl, what will you do.

Pandya Store 15Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Suman asks Dhara for what valid reason are you crying. Dhara says my heart throbs seeing Chiku. Gautam asks to Shweta for Chiku.


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