Pandya Store 20 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 20 January 2023

The Episode begins with Shweta tricking Krish. He requests that she come and partake in the kite flying. He says its enjoyable to fly kites in light of the fact that the patios of the multitude of houses are joint, it turns into a ground for us. She says I will just come. Krish says shock, see this kite, its with Chiku and Chutki’s name. Dhara says its lovely, Shiva will fly this. Shiva flies the kite. Everybody grins. Shweta goes higher up. Shiva takes Chutki. Rishita and Dev fly the kite. Shweta sees Chiku crying. Shiva and Raavi go to Chiku. Dhara says I will proceed to get milk for Chiku. Shweta stows away. Everybody is partaking in the time. Udi jaye… plays… They generally fly kites.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Raavi puts Chutki on the bed. Krish asks will I take Raavi. Shiva says OK, I m fine. He feels migraine. Gautam requests that Raavi take the kite. Shiva sees the woman taking Chiku. He yells stop, Chiku.He stops Shweta and sees her face. Krish sees Shiva. Shiva tumbles down. Shweta is stunned. Krish is additionally stunned. Chiku and Chutki’s kite gets cut off. Krish sees Chutki on the bed. He takes her along and runs. Shiva gets up. Dhara glances around. Shiva takes Chiku from Shweta. He swoons. Krish yells Shiva. Everybody hears this and runs first floor. Krish places Chutki in the support. He yells to call everybody. Shweta chomps his hand. Everybody gets stunned seeing Shiva. Krish takes Chiku. Shweta sees Chutki in the other support. She takes Chutki and runs. Dev and everybody come first floor. Krish says Shweta, leave Chutki. Rishita is stunned. Shweta says in the event that not Chiku, Chutki.

Pandya Store 20 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

They all run outside. Shweta escapes in an auto. Krish and everybody attempt to save Chutki. A truck in the middle between. They follow Shweta. They tumble down the bicycles and meet with a mishap. Dhara sees the kite there. She swoons. Krish cries.

Pandya Store Latest Spoiler Alerts 20 January 2023

Chiku makes kites and sends it to everybody, requesting that they return, Suman is sick.
Dhara says they will come, you need to kick the bucket. Suman says OK. Chiku runs and opens the entryway. He sees his little cousins.

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