Pandya Store 21 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 21 December 2022

The Episode begins with Rishita and Shweta contending. The men affront Gautam for being childless and abusing the house bahu. Dhara cries. Raavi says now nobody can prevent Dhara from going for it. Gautam goes to Shweta. Dhara stops Gautam and signs no. She brings Gautam back home. Shweta stresses. Dhara closes the entryway. Kaki expresses accompany me, else be here and gather 5rs. Dhara sits to make the papads. Gautam says you just said you would rather not make papads. Raavi says I will do, let it be. Dhara says I will do it without anyone’s help, you proceed to get a new line of work for yourself. Raavi says in the event that anything happens to Chiku, we can’t pardon myself. Rishita says OK. Suman comes. Shiva requests that Krish give the cleanser to the client. Krish rejects. Shiva chides him. Krish gives the cleanser box.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Dev requests that Krish proceed to get change. Krish says no, for what reason will I go, go about your responsibilities yourself, I m the storekeeper too. Dev requests that the client take the cash, they will change later. Shiva inquires as to why this inner self. He says just Dhara and Gautam are the storekeepers. Krish snickers and says you call her proprietor and exacerbated her status than a worker, we ought to be embarrassed, you both got egotistical after marriage. Dev says mind it, we ponder family. Krish says you consider your family, Rishita and Chutki come in it, you don’t mind of anything more, Shiva is doing likewise. He contends with them. He says I don’t have a spouse to prevent me from saying truth, when Dhara got back home after marriage, in the event that she thought about her bliss, we would have been on street today rather Chiku, she showed a major heart for us, for what reason mightn’t you at any point show it. Shiva and Dev stress. Dhara drops the spoon. She sits crying and says I can’t oversee everything. Suman gets some information about the stock. Dhara says my migraines seeing Chiku on the road.Rishita proceeds to give cash to Shweta. She says you have no self esteem. Shweta says I don’t need your cash, go. Kaki says take the cash. She requests that Rishita give cash to her, she will get Chiku treated. Rishita gives her the cash. She calls Shweta a childish mum. She goes. Shweta takes the cash. Kaki says you figure Dhara will come.

Pandya Store 16Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Krish says it doesn’t make any difference, I trust my relations and my loved ones. Rishita says I gave 5000rs to Shweta for Chiku’s treatment, she won’t come to our entryway. Shweta says I have touched off the fire, Rishita has given me cash, Raavi will fly off the handle and contend, I will break this house. Dhara asks who requested that you give cash. Rishita expresses its for Chiku. Dhara chides her. Gautam stresses and strolls out and about. He says Dhara’s harshness is expanding a direct result of Chiku’s leaving, I need to follow through with something, a decent individual is turning out to be terrible. He goes to Shweta and demands her to give Chiku to Dhara. He says you need cash, you don’t see relations. She says you have a deep understanding of me. He says don’t do this transgression, we need to lawfully embrace Chiku, we won’t ever inconvenience you, I guarantee. She asks how will you respond on the off chance that I don’t give him, will you beseech me. He holds her feet and says don’t demolish Chiku’s experience growing up out and about. She says don’t ask. He says if it’s not too much trouble, give Chiku to me. She says I love my youngster, when I give Chiku to Dhara, I realize individuals won’t insult me, what might be said about my nurturing love. He says enough, I know the amount you love Chiku. He asks what is it that you need, cash, don’t be astonished, I realize you will acknowledge the cash effectively, quit acting and tell me, how much cash you need to leave Somnath. She says fine, I maintain that 25 lakhs should save your family.

Pandya Store Latest Spoiler Alerts 21 December 2022

Krish gets some information about the store. Gautam says I need to give 25 lakhs to Shweta. Krish proceeds to chasten Shweta. She requests the cash and says all of you will sign that document.

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