Pandya Store 23 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 23 December 2022

The Episode begins with Shweta asking didn’t Gautam let you know this. She goes asking. Krish makes the papers and gets back home. Suman asks did you likewise name yourself as Dhara’s child. Krish says its not required when you have sentiments in heart, they didn’t figure Suman will feel awful of this. He requests that they sign something that satisfies Dhara. Raavi asks which papers. Krish lets them know everything. They all get shocked.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Krish asks who all will sign. He asks Suman will you give 25 lakhs to Gautam, he can demolish himself and the store for the cash. Suman says no. The authorities come to Pandya store. The man says we got insight about awful brand things conveyed here. Gautam says the news is off-base. The man says we need to really take a look at the godown. Gautam inquires as to why. The man says we need to check, come. Rishita says perhaps its Shweta’s arrangement, she is exceptionally smart, we can’t believe her, we need to think multiple times. Shiva says I will do anything for Dhara. Suman says Shweta has tricked us commonly. Krish says we need to help Gautam. Rishita asks how might he put Pandya store in question, did he fail to remember that we as a whole have equivalent right on it, he ought to have asked us prior to choosing anything. Gautam comes and says I didn’t ask all of you, so I was unable to do what I needed, Dhara and my desires are not devil than this family, I won’t ever foul up with Pandya store. Dhara cries. He tells everything to them. FB shows Gautam returning cash to Keshu and saying I won’t trouble my siblings. He embraces Krish and says on the off chance that you didn’t speak loudly brilliantly, then, at that point, I would have committed a major error, gratitude for scrutinizing my choice. Krish says its alright, you understood your slip-up. Suman says you need 25 lakhs, I have it, I will give it to you. Everybody smiles.Suman says send Shweta away from our lives. She asks anybody having any issue. Dev and Shiva say no, we will sign. Suman asks her bahus. Rishita says OK. Shiva requests that Raavi say assuming she has any issue. Krish inquires as to why, will you alter your perspective in the event that Raavi declines. Dhara says however I disagree with this choice, I have an issue, let my choice be conclusive, I don’t need Chiku. She says Gautam, you would have inquired as to whether I need Chiku or not, I don’t need Chiku. Suman goes.

Pandya Store 19Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Everyone comes to meet Shweta. Gautam gives her 25 lakh. He says we as a whole consented to this arrangement. Shweta asks how might I spare all of you with such ease, you need to enroll the paper. Rishita inquires as to why, don’t you trust us. Shweta says no, I need guarantee. Rishita says fine, we will go to enrollment office, wouldn’t even play with the possibility of acting shrewd. Shweta says I will do nothing, I realize you got pained in orchestrating the cash. Shiva and Krish chide her. Shweta says I will proceed to take arrangement, give me some cash, I don’t have money.

Pandya Store Latest Spoiler Alerts 23 December 2022

Rishita says we will cut this cash from your 25 lakhs. Shweta says how modest. She grins and embraces Dhara. She goes. Dhara cries. She says we will return home and do a puja, I feel frightened, since she has embraced me, I feel something terrible will occur. Gautam says you generally think positive, for what reason are you saying negative, your desire will get satisfied. Dhara says I don’t have the foggiest idea why, I feel like I m grabbing their satisfaction effectively, and duping them. Dev says no, all of you return home, I have some work. Krish says I will likewise go. They all leave. Dhara says they figure I don’t comprehend their reasons, 25 lakhs is a major sum, they would have envisioned a ton about that cash, I believe I m grabbing their right only for my satisfaction, will we get alone.

Shweta makes Pandya store papers. She swindles the family and makes them sign.

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