Pandya Store 24 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 24 January 2023

The Episode begins with Krish completing his work. He is found in Canada. He gets a call and says I m coming, Father. Chiku says we will fly every one of the kites. Gautam integrates every one of the strings. Chiku’s companions come. A kid jokes and giggles. Chiku panics him with a reptile and chastens him. He asks the kid to never joke on his father. Gautam snickers. Dhara checks him out. Chiku makes the children away. Gautam and Dhara embrace Chiku. Rishita and Dev are in Allahabad. She converses with the primary about her child Shesh and applauds him. Shesh does naughtiness. She completes the call. Dev sees their family pic and stays miserable. He says you know today Uttarayan, we lost our girl on this day, you are discussing placing Shesh in boarding. She says we both are working, you spoilt him, he should be in a life experience school. He says make sense of him with adoration, I will deal with him. She says fine, leave, we will return to Somnath, we can’t bear the cost of this way of life by my compensation alone, Shesh is going to all inclusive school. He says I feel we ought to have not arranged a subsequent kid. She gets miserable. Gautam is inebriated. He goes higher up with Chiku. Dhara blows up. Shiva is seen in Vadodara. He composes Pandya Store on the wall. Raavi comes and wipes the name. He asks did you go frantic. She takes care of him the laddoo. He asks didn’t Dhara make it, why, did she go out. She says you have tired me, this isn’t Somnath or Pandya house.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

He embraces her and jokes on her. She stresses. Dhara attempts to fly the kite. Gautam helps her fly the kite. Raavi says we don’t remain in Pandya house now. He says you don’t have the foggiest idea, this is Pandya house, everybody stays here, come we will fly a kite. Raavi says you will stay put, stay here and eat laddoo. He says no, I will not eat it, I need to go. She expresses stay here else.. I will give you severe drugs however no sugar. Shiva says you do cheating. She says I will get your food and afterward you have the prescriptions. Their child comes and wishes them blissful Uttarayan. Shesh requests that Dev give cash, he needs to fly kites. Rishita says we don’t observe Uttarayan. Shesh contends with her. He takes the cash. Raavi and Shiva grin. They wish Mittu and hug.Shiva inquires as to for what reason did you get three kites, we are a major family. She says I requested that he get three kites, our family is simply of three individuals, you, me and our Mittu. Shiva says I stay occupied in the store, don’t you deal with her, she babbles. Mittu says you talk things like this. Shiva requests that he proceed to fly kites with his uncles. Raavi says pause, sit, don’t go higher up, there is nobody, children will beat you, I will take you when there is somebody. Shiva asks what do you mean, Gautam and everybody were higher up, where are they, did they go, how could this occur, I will take a quick trip and see. She says take rest, we will go later and meet them. Rishita chides Shesh. She contends with Dev. She says he is going to the lodging and its conclusive. Dev embraces Shesh. He says I will purchase kites for you. Suman feels uncomfortable. Gautam and Dhara fly the kites. Abhi mujhme kahin… .plays… She cries. Suman asks am I getting a coronary failure. Gautam moves on udi jaaye. He flies the kite. Dhara holds him. Suman gets down on Dhara. Gautam loses the kite and cries.

Pandya Store 24 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Chiku gets the kites and says I got every one of the uncles back. Suman yells Dhara. Dhara goes to see her. She sees Suman fallen down.

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