Pandya Store 25 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 25 January 2023

The Episode begins with Gautam losing the kite. He yells I lost my siblings, this happened as a result of you. Dhara chastens him. She cries and goes. Chiku hurries to get the kites. Gautam says you likewise go leaving me, my siblings left me. Dev says how might an organization get closed for the time being. Rishita says its our misstep, we ought to have not worked in a similar organization. The servant says see how Shesh treated my hair. Rishita chastens Shesh. Dev stops her and asks her not to lift hand on a youngster. She requests that Dev show him habits. Dev apologizes to the servant and requests that she get another hair style. The servant says let it be, I would rather not work here, I can’t endure now. Rishita flies off the handle. Chiku gets the kites. He requests that Dhara let Gautam know that he got his uncles back. She embraces him. Krish comes to welcome an old couple, and wishes them cheerful lohri. He calls them mother and father. The man says she got this exceptional kite for you. Krish says sorry mother, I would rather not fly this kite, I have removed these strings. He tosses the kite and goes to drink. She says we got a child in our child in-regulation, we spoilt his temperament. The man says I will set his temperament. Suman yells Dhara. Dhara runs and gets stunned seeing her fallen. Chiku additionally comes and looks on.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Shiva says I will not have food. She sincerely extorts him. He says you guarantee first, you won’t this again that everybody let us be here. Chiku races to Gautam and requests that he see what has been going on with Dadi. Dhara gets down on Gautam. Dhara hurries to Gautam and attempts to awaken him. She requires a rescue vehicle. Dhara and Chiku take Suman to the clinic. Rishita requests that Dev and Shesh accomplish basically everything. Shesh cries and says she chides me, she is downright horrendous. Dev consoles him.Rishita says I will educate him. Dev says wouldn’t even come close to contacting him. Rishita says ruin him more, he will go to lodging tomorrow and get transformed there. Dev asks how, we have no work and cash to pay his full expenses, he will remain here. Mittu gets down on Raavi. She says I asked you not to battle with anybody. He says I didn’t battle, I took a kite unintentionally, and got thumped. She asks guarantee. He says OK. She says you don’t go out alone, you will get injured assuming that you battle, don’t battle. He says I got injured without battling too. She embraces him. Dhara asks specialist is Suman fine. Specialist says Suman experienced a coronary failure, she is in a difficult condition. Dhara requests that Chiku return home, do anything and get Gautam. The house proprietor comes and requests that Raavi pay the lease. He says you didn’t pay lease since 4 months, I will toss your stuff outside. She requests that he sit tight for one month, she will pay the lease, else they will take off from the house. She beseeches him. The man says enough, don’t do this, it doesn’t look great in the event that a lady sits in feet, I will hang tight for a month, stay true to your promise and pay the lease. He goes. She stresses. Chiku awakens Gautam. He takes him to emergency clinic. Raavi cries and says how might I deal with this multitude of costs. Mittu looks on. Chiku asks Gautam to simply come. Dhara says there is nobody with me, I m alone. Chiku gets Gautam there. Gautam nods off. Dhara requests that he get up, Suman got a respiratory failure. She says keep your obligation, you will lament a ton in the event that anything happens to Suman. She tosses water all over. She says specialist requested angioplasty, Dev, Shiva and Krish aren’t noting my calls and you’re not with me. He says I generally figure how to bring them back, yet this aggravation doesn’t get less.

Pandya Store 25 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

She says I m alone, I want you, get up, mum isn’t fine. Dev and Shesh play. Rishita comes and yells on them. Dev’s telephone rings. Shesh runs and takes the telephone. He answers the call. Chiku requests that Dev come soon, Suman is sick, she will pass on. Rishita says ask your mum not to utilize you and Suman, don’t call us once more. Dev sits sad.

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Dhara comes to Suman. Suman says I m fine, bring me back home. Dhara says you need to pass on, your children have returned realizing you will kick the bucket. Suman and Dhara cheerfully cry seeing Dev, Shiva and Krish.

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