Pandya Store 27 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 27 January 2023

The Episode begins with Dev requesting that Rishita quit being stupid, Chiku is only a youngster. Shiva asks Raavi when did Chiku grow up. Raavi asks him not to take pressure. She says we will head inside, come. They all see the enhancements done in the house. Yaadon ki baraat… .plays… They all get close to home and review their minutes in the house. Gautam sees Chiku and grins. Shiva says Chiku, you have grown up well, I see nothing, I felt all of you are close, today I m not ready to comprehend. Shesh asks where are we, who are they all. Dev says its our home, he is Shiva Chachu, he is Krish, she is Raavi Chachi. Shiva asks are you Dev’s child. Shesh says OK, Rishita chides me all the day. Shiva says he is like me. He chuckles and embraces Shesh. Mittu embraces Raavi. Shiva requests that Mittu come and embrace Shesh. Mittu says no, he will beat me. Shiva says no, come here. Rishita insults Raavi. Raavi insults her back. She says show a habits to your child. Dev says I will proceed to get the packs. Dev goes to his room. Shiva asks Gautam when did you develop this facial hair, he was fine yesterday. He says I feel like I m gathering after numerous days. He embraces Gautam and says you began drinking in daytime. Gautam feels awful. Chiku gives a mint tablet to Gautam. Gautam says I lost my help, so I took backing of wrong thing. Shiva says we live in a similar house, I was in the room, you might have called me whenever. Raavi requests that he get clean up, its the ideal opportunity for his meds. Shiva says she gives me harsh drugs consistently. She says come, I will give you desserts moreover. Gautam stresses seeing Shiva. He sees Krish and smiles.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Krish asks in which clinic is mum. Gautam says city clinic. Krish says fine, taxi is outside, we will go in it. They all pass on to meet Suman. Raavi says we just came to Suman, else I would rather not see this house. Krish says even I came to provide a sense of finality. They all sit. Shiva says all of you are going. Raavi says say nothing, he remembers nothing. Shiva says take me additionally, I will likewise come. They leave. Gautam and Chiku go in an auto. Dhara supplicates. Chiku says we will call mum, she might get stunned seeing them. Gautam says she will get cheerful. Chiku says guarantee me, you won’t drink wine once more. Gautam embraces him. Specialist asks Dhara not to take strain, Suman is out of risk. Dhara thanks him.Dhara gets cheerful seeing the family coming. yaadon ki baraat… plays… . She says in the event that they realize that mum got fine, they will return back, how will I respond, I won’t let them go. She hurries to Suman. Suman says I m fine, don’t be vexed, we will return home. Dhara says no, you need to bite the dust, you are near death, hearing this, your children and bahus have returned. Suman joyfully cries. Shiva asks Dev for what reason did we come to the emergency clinic. Dev says come, you will be aware. Rishita asks Raavi not to get caught in their feelings, don’t remain back assuming they say. Suman asks where are they. Dhara says they will return seeing you fine, you need to pass on for them. Suman says fine, I will kick the bucket for them. Raavi says I have nothing left in me, their tears can’t shake me. Rishita says my injuries got spruce up seeing Chiku, Chutki would have been like him. Raavi wipes her tears. Rishita says I need to avoid this fondness. Dhara says we will not get a superior opportunity to stop them, I will converse with specialist. Suman says no, he will bomb the arrangement, I will act. Dhara says accomplish something normal. Suman says you make it happen. Dhara says we need to look normal, activity. Everybody comes inside the ward. Suman and Dhara get blissful seeing them.

Pandya Store 27 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Shiva asks when did mum get so unwell, I was at home, I didn’t have any idea. Dhara rushes to embrace them. They rush to Suman. They hold Suman’s hands and cry. Suman beats them and inquires as to for what reason did you come presently, its past the point of no return, I m going to bite the dust. They say we won’t allow anything to happen to you. They embrace her. Dhara cries.

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Dhara says I will get tea and breakfast. Rishita says we came to meet Suman. Raavi contends with Dhara. Rishita says Suman is the last connect to keep us associated with this house. Raavi says you need to sell Pandya store and this house to give our share.

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