Pandya Store 29 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 29 December 2022

The Episode begins with Rishita saying I advised Dev to peruse the arrangement well, however that’s what nobody did, Shweta has done this. Dev expresses quiet down, I read the papers well. Rishita says then, at that point, make sense of, how did this occur. Suman says I will make sense of, I asked Dev to painstakingly peruse the papers, what did Gautam say, this is a prior way, see what happened now. Gautam cries.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Shweta says she is correct, she requested that you check papers well, you have shot yourself in the foot. She says Rishita is the most savvy one in your family, all of you didn’t pay attention to her. Dhara reviews Shweta. She chides her. She says you played with your kid’s life to get back at us. Shweta says you can fault me, all of you got tricked due to a young lady, what might be said about others, you ought to have perused the reports once, everybody has come to check it, all of you fizzled. Individuals gossip.Raavi says Shweta is correct, I didn’t see such silly individuals. She requests that the visitors leave. Shweta takes the store in her control. She breaks a coconut. She sits on Gautam’s seat. Shiva goes out of frustration and yells how might you venture to sit in Gautam’s place, I will break your head. Dev quiets him down. Shweta jokes on him. She says we will out this pic rather the family representation. Shiva reproves her. She requests that he break the family portrait.

Pandya Store 24Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Shiva and Raavi leave. Dhara goes to Shweta and says you got the Pandya store on your name, remember a certain something, Pandya store will continuously be our own. Shweta insults her. She says I will perceive the way you get the store back. She requests that Dhara leave. Everybody cries.

Pandya Store Latest Spoiler Alerts 29 December 2022

They take the store board home. They see Raavi contending with Shiva. Raavi says lash out on Gautam and Dhara, presently we need to ask due to their adoration for Chiku. She sees everybody. Dhara requests that she vent out her disappointment. Rishita says she is correct, nobody checked the papers, we as a whole realize Shweta’s history, what will we do now. Raavi says everybody thinks that I’m stupid here, you ought to have considered it, how could she leave us unexpectedly early, yet no, everybody pays attention to Gautam and Dhara here, we as a whole are manikins, Gautam examined nothing with us and made a major guarantee to Shweta. She contends with Dhara. Rishita says OK, she is correct, we as a whole marked the papers to keep your desire, you have done excessively amiss with us, Gautam. Suman looks on. Dhara stands crying.

Rishita faults Dhara. She gets some information about the papers. A few men come to get some information about Shweta’s child taken. He shows Chiku’s pic.

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